Thursday, February 25, 2010

the highest consciousness

In meditation terms, but also in starpower terms, we sometimes use the word consciousness. When exploring this idea, too give the common person some idea of its value, you could say the soul with the highest consciousness is God and give him a value of 100%. That would be our touchstone in terms of consciousness, or our (i.e. the human race) mirror or highest possible achievement. Now bare in mind God doesn't come into a human form, as many would have us believe, so that being is never tarnished or influenced, where we as human souls fluctuate, and descend slowly but surely. The Founders of religions, like Buddha, Christ, Mohammad, Guru Nanak could be classified as 99% on this consciousness scale, so pure in fact some people mistake them for God. But yes they are human, and in todays world souls like Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela etc may be viewed in a Demi-God like status, but that is more Star power than purity. Those who are in the lower levels, on this scale would be called body conscious, that is doing everything for themselves, not for God or humanity. The aim of deep meditation is too forget the consciousness of "I" or let go of it, that is too let go of all the body consciousness we have and just become God conscious and soul conscious. We all achieve this numberwise, the one who did achive is my mentor Brahma baba who completely discarded the mantle of "I" and became one with God , though still seperate. This is the aim and object of Raja Yoga meditation. but we are who we are so don't despair if you don't understand this or are no where near it, at least you have heard its possible:)