Tuesday, February 23, 2010

blockages in meditation

What do you think are some blockages, It was once described in two forms or types, one is (in Hindi) called Raven and the other is called Maya. Raven has been described as a mythical being in hindu culture, with 10 heads, representing 5 male and 5 female vices, basically anger, ego, attachment,lust and greed (personified in both sexes).And maya is more commonly mentioned in the story of Buddha (Maya was the Temptress who came and tried too lure the Buddha away from his deep life changing meditation) otherwise known as illusion, usually associated with ego of the intellect. So these things come and challenge us in our meditation and our journey too enlightenment. Too an open aspirant they are a good positive challenge too there Self Respect and a test in there faith of there destination and there belief system. Too some one who is not as determined or focussed, or is not sure of there aim and objective, they can cause them too fail and stumble off the path. But what the heck, what is meant too be is meant too happen, it is destiny, but keep trying won,t you. A great guide of mine once described these hinderances as numerous as the species of animals in the animal kingdom. So even though the vices can be boiled down too 5, the varieties and types are too numerous too be itemised, because within each personality they will manifest in a combination of many different ways