Sunday, February 21, 2010

What are thoughts

Are they just a primordial response too the world at large? Or an electronic reverberation between the 5 senses and the brain. Why sometimes do they erupt at a whirlpool rate and other times they are lucid and few and far between. In my deep meditation experiences I have concluded that in my original soul conscious state in my home of red light and of silence, I the soul had no thoughts because I had no body nor a stage too act upon. I was like in suspended animation , thoughtless, bodiless, sitting there next too God, the Supreme Soul. And all the other souls of this huge play. But it was only once I incarnated into a body that thoughts began too manifest, because experiences were there. But they too were very economical and accurate because the world also was newborn. But now the world has grown old, and I have had plenty of experiences, in fact I probably have forgotten my home and now identify more with this body and its properties. So now I have many thoughts , even stress and sleeplessness.Because my mind is completely occupied with thoughts I feel peaceless and restless and trapped, thus the menagerie of vices move in on my soul. So I need too reconnect too my original self once again, or if I can't time will take me there anyway, have fun:)