Friday, February 19, 2010

Why can't some souls meditate?

Well the answer is three-fold, Firstly the person just doesn't want too, its not in there nature or religious beliefs, secondly the soul has commited too many sinful actions and so there intellect is locked, so too speak, in other words there conscious has died due too very bad actions, and finally they can meditate too some degree but number wise.Because many souls in the world can meditate or pray, millions, but very few can have deep meditation on God as he is and where he is and his role and relationship towards Human souls. It is not any fault or problem on there behalf, its just they do not have the accurate introduction of the Supreme soul. Only a handful out of multimillions do, and a handful out of that handful fully remember God 24 hours a day.In fact only 8 souls do this out of 7.2 billion do. But these become like Angels at times of great distress and guide everyone too Peace and happiness. In fact meditation should be called having a relationship, just as you would with a girlfriend, or lover or parent. It should be so real and practical, and be felt in everyday life. But most people practise spirituality at church or at funerals or baptisms etc but your whole life, every breath should be a meditation. Some belief systems have fear of meditation due too fear of the occult or of hinduism ,but it can be a misintepreted practice. So keep plugging away, take a deep breath and plunge in