Thursday, March 4, 2010


These originally Middle Eastern words can be found in Arabic folk stories, but today they are essentially connected too Magicians. In terms of meditation, one of the titles of God is the Magician, which comes from the word Maggi, who was an ancient Seer who could see into the future using the stars etc. The 3 wise men who visited Jesus were of the stock of Maggi, apparently. God is said too be a Magician because he can change a human being into an Angel within a second. How you may ask? Through the vibration and knowledge of soul consciousness. That is we are all souls in the costumes of Human Beings. The story of Alladin is in fact an ancient Arabic fairy tale, about a poor boy and his girl friend, who follow the forty thieves, too a hidden cave and hear the secret password which opens the cave, too untold treasures, and Alladin finds a lamp and rubs it too reveal the Genie who can grant any wish, and thus he becomes a King and his girl a Queen. The problem with the story is it also is spoken around Islamic scripture, and Genies or Jinn, are evil spirits who can effect souls, leading them astray. Sure evil spirits can and do effect us in meditation, either in the form of bodiless souls or our own vices, surfacing in our mind. But too me this magical story represents God coming too us , the poor souls, in an incognito form, because the oil of the soul is low, in the lamp of the soul, and within a second through knowing the magic mantra( Om Shanti) he grants us all our true desires. That is he grants us soul consciousness and takes too Heaven. And gives us the treasures of truth about cyclic time,the law of karma, the revelation of time and the soul, and he reveals himself. So Guess what he is doing it now:)