Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Age of the Devil

What exactly is the devil?, is it a horned, horrible red creature, that lurks beneath the crust of the earth, in the firey pit of hell. Or is it the fallen angel Lucifer, condemmed too earth for defying God. Too me these images are illusions, some created by the Church, God bless them, too put fear into the hearts of there followers so they wont stray from the path. But the others are more on the mark, i.e a fallen angel. But more accurately, we are all fallen Angels, that is elevated souls who have become earthbound, due too the 5 vices and just entropathy (time).The main enemy seems too be Piety(ego), for example we have trillions of kilometres of internet cable transversing the world, with laptop and home computers in every home of the modern world, and at least every village of the 3rd world. It is a fantastic invention, does alot of good(I am writing this blog by such means), but anywhere in the world people can steal peoples bank details, view pornographic material of 16 year old girls, harass people(cyber bullying), launch a death ray from a spy sattelite, tune into this very computer and record every key I am typing etc etc.The 5 vices have gone Global, or can do so at the touch of a button. This is the influence of the Devil, nothing is simple, everything is based upon materialism.Our souls have been consumed or lost too our desires. Its a natural progression, I am not complaining or frightened of it. But too contact, too get in touch with your soul takes alot of deep work now, and too maintain that feeling of being an Angel, a guest, even more concentration. Not impossible though, I know alot of souls in this category here and now. They are the future lights for the world, anyhow just drawing your attention too the obvious:) Om Shanti