Saturday, March 20, 2010


I’ve got a Secret

It was 2 O’clock in the morning,I was restless in bed
A shimmering light descended from heaven and entered my head
Characters and images began exploding in my mind
Cinematic exposes, breathtaking vistas, colourful laughter filled the recesses of my minds eye
The tinkling of bells, the perfume of roses, the dripping of water, the bowing of a porter
Someone was trying too communicate with me through the layers of cloud and silence
I could see there twinkling eyes, there twitching mouth, there language intention,
But nothing got through, in black and white, in logical formulation, in an audible noise, too attract my attention.
It was like the whispering wind through a pine forest, the hiss of the waves of the sea on a sandy beach, the babble of a brook, from the deep distant past
Echo’s of the future, melodies of the past, calling out in wave upon wave of silence, reaching the inner ear of slumbering souls, sleeping giants
God has come, God has descended, don’t play dumb, listen too the drum-beat, change is in the air, are you ready?
The weather-vane has changed direction, a storm is a brewing, WAKE UP WAKE UP, wake up
The alarm went off