Monday, March 22, 2010


In India they use the word Seva, which can be too serve the self, serve the community or too serve the world. Alot of aid and welfare groups have come under fire, because there charitable offerings aren't reaching the targeted groups, only a percentage of the goods or money reach the suffering and needy, no matter where it happens, the rest is siphoned off by gangs or other forces of disruption. It is the same when I am meditating, doing self service, at times the Gangs of negativity and ego can siphon off my good will and my good karma, leaving me bankrupt with nothing too give needy souls. But if I cut out the middle-man and just focus on the source, on God himself, and create that connection in my meditation, then my riches cannot be plundered by Bandits, and my great donation of peace will reach all the needy souls. I just need too break through the opposition and keep connection no matter what. Om Shanti