Friday, March 26, 2010

clarity and living in the now

You can tell how deep and accurate a soul is by there face and actions. If you are having accurate meditation with God, bliss will show on your features, as though you are lost in Gods love. The eyes will be deep pools of Amber,a smile will always be on the lips, the face will appear full, and a sense of coolness will be felt from this personality. It will be as though this one is one of Gods Angels, just incarnated on the earth, the soul will be visible through the forehead. The words spoken will be sweet and lingering, but few. There walk will be like a deity, almost floating. No obstacle will get in there way, no evil spirit will stay amongst them. A worthy student of Raja Yoga will be always awake and alert, always spinning the discuss of self realization, always happy and content. Brahma Baba , the founder of the Brahma Kumaris never showed the slightest hint of irritation on his face, Mama the second in charge, always said Haji (yes my lord at every request), and she could translate the deepest subtleties of knowledge in a second, so any person could understand. True meditators will live in the moment in soul consciousness and reveal there Art and God in there every breath Om Shanti:)