Saturday, March 27, 2010

accurate yoga

Too have accurate meditation is such a high destination, but it is a journey after all, also a purification process, don't become heavy on your self, because after all it is a natural discipline that should come from your heart, not from your head. Some souls aren't cut out for such a high aspiration, so relax time will be your teacher. Too reveal the father, the Supreme soul, that being should be in your intellect 24/7, just like a real romance with a lover and beloved, then it can be said Son shows Father,so true meditation isn't something you do just at the temple, just at the Ashram or at your Yoga school, it blossoms and becomes your life, your driving force, your support, but if it is too difficult just relax. It is like flying a kite, sometimes you need too let the string out, sometimes pull the string tighter, but keep the kite afloat is the name of the game.