Monday, March 29, 2010

Faith will move mountains

I am sure you have heard this saying. In Islam it is said "If Mohammad can't get too the mountain, then the mountain will come too Mohammad". In Hinduism the monkey God Hanuman was sent too look for the sacred herb on a vast mountain too save the life of Rama who had been poisoned, it was such a perplexing matter, he ripped up the whole mountain and brought it back too Rama. In meditation, faith is the prerequisite too truth, dharna,relationship; or in one word purity. Purity doesn't just emcompass 108 vestile virgins, that is just 1 small part. But too pull yourself out of the bog of Maya, illusion, body consciousness and begin too deal with your demons, first of all you need faith. It can be religious or just internal, but its where the soul has conviction that if I follow this path I will come out of the thorns and jungle. Then with continued and renewed faith and positive affirmation and connection too a Higher power you will make the mountain of obstacles like that of a mole-hill. And then you can meditate and contemplate God and the soul and the Universe because the bindings that were holding you back are now being cut away. So then deep meditation and contemplation will actually cut away your sins bringing you back too the essence of the self the soul. But it is a rocky and turning path, so faith keeps you motivated. Now lets try some meditation:) Om Shanti