Thursday, March 18, 2010


One thing God gave all his children when he supposively created them was freewill, that is the choice to go this way or that way, too do good or bad or whatever.Shakespeare also said in one of his more enlightened times, that we are but all actors on this world stage. And being actors we do have our parts too play, no matter the part, no matter the outcome:) Some of us are Adolf Hitlers, some of us are Mahatma Gandhis, by the way both lived around the same time. So what I am basically trying too say is God can't and won't interfere in our part, he also has his own part too play. He may be the creator , the director, but also he is the hero actor, which be revealed too all pretty soon. Another thought that comes too mind is every soul has too settle there own karma eventually, that may be through force or another way is through meditation, on God, this is an easy painless way of doing it. At the moment in the world the devil may have the upper hand but eventually a balance will come into fruitin and as Nostradamus predicted "1000 Years of Peace will reign" or more. Happy hunting:)