Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the real Father and Teacher and Satguru

Some supposively enlightened beings, have huge followings of devotees and students wanting enlightenment or love or some guidance from there teacher, but human teachers are like parrots that chirp and chatter, very colourful and noisy but don,t grant liberation and liberation in life. Only God can grant mukti and Jeevanmukti, but most of us don't know how too talk too him or grab his attention. Why is that, because by and large we are body conscious, and looking in all the wrong places. The first teaching of God is Hey child too receive your inheritance, consider yourself a soul and not a body. Become soul conscious. In fact this is also explained in some detail in the Gita, but readers think that Krsna sermonized the Gita too Arjuna, when in fact it is symbolic mixed with some poetic fantasy. Like if you have 20 people in a room and the first whispers something too the next and so on and so on, by the end of the line the story will be totally changed or forgotten, same with the Gita. Checkout the Brahma Kumaris for the real story