Thursday, April 29, 2010


The sum result of accurate meditation on God, and the practice of soul consciousness 24/7 in your daily life, will be supersensuous happiness or bliss. So instead of one of the 5 senses dragging you down, or you being trapped in them, they will give you happiness. So not limited happiness, from watching a movie or eating fine food, but unlimited happiness; a bit like a small child running too play on the swings. This is the highest stage achievable so too most of us mere mortals it is a castle in the sky type achievement. At least you know its possible, sometimes it is named the karmateet stage, being Manmanabhav, Ahimsa etc. The founder of the Brahma Kumaris achieved this and so I can periodically state it is achieveable. And once this consciousness is attained the fruit of it will be carried into your next births. So have a go whatever effort you put in you will get the return of it:)