Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The true law of attraction

Alot of these new Positive Thinking Books are a fantastic read and get you excited about your otherwise mundane future(maybe). The Secret is another. They describe and work on the level of thoughts and attitudes, and the law of karma. But have you ever really looked at them and there motivations. Most of the positive outcomes are about making money, ( which we all need at times). But why don,t people create world peace or something, finish poverty in the 3rd world. Why , because it may be too much too ask, but also, human souls desires are corrupted, by greed or lust, anger or attachment, and the big one ego. If you have any impurity in our souls in our subconscious ( which we all do) there will be an equal and opposite attraction. So we attract those things, we desire, which may not necessarily be what we truly desire, but a more body orientated desire. What all souls truly want is Peace,Happiness and Purity, but our intellects are so poisoned by materialism and also religion that we can,t see the wood for the trees.So actually only meditation on God in his true form will strip away all those false desires and destinations, and enable us too attract, those original powers and divine virtues, the medicine that we really need, though may not want.