Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happiness is the key

We are told by the institution or the church or a group too do this and that in our spiritual ventures and this will be the outcome, I.e our sins will be absolved or we will go too Heaven, blah blah blah.But in your endeavour if you are not happy in yourself about what you are doing, or the path you are following then it is being done out of force. Its not natural, for it too succeed it needs too come from your heart, and you really feel there is some benefit in your endeavour. Even in meditation or prayer, if you are doing the actions mechanically because you have been told too, preached too,then that is wrong and is in itself a subtle sin or vikarma. Search your heart and feelings and ask yourself do I wont too proceed in this direction. Even if your Guru told you or your wife or friend. It all boils down too you and your destiny. When you are born you come alone and when you die you leave alone. Nothing is practically taken with you except your account of good or bad actions (karmic a/c). So from this point onwards please check your motivation. This is what god would want. This is called following Gods directions, that is following your heart. Keep up the good work:)