Monday, April 19, 2010

I love my God

Human Beings of all castes and creeds will remember God or see God through the eyes and personality of themselves. That is why in the world today there is such a vast array of names for God.As well as ideas about what god can and can't do, where he resides, how he communicates with us. So according too the consciousness of the soul and the level of purity of there actions they will connect too God on that level.So according too our experiences we remember God in that way. So it can be difficult too have a loving relationship with God because we forget that we are souls and become body orientated,so if our connection too God is weak or based upon false ideas, no love will be felt from that mysterious being. I am a living point of light in this costume, and also God is a point of light , no bigger or smaller, and if possible I should connect too God on that level.