Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tiredness and disillusionment

Human Beings have been searching for God for millenium in various ways and means, and if you believe in reincarnation, for birth after birth. Some have attained success and become enlightened, and they are well known and colourful, attracting souls too God and there own purity. But on the whole the Human Race from my perspective has been slowly but surely meandering downwards into materialism and self importance, and spiritual values have tended too evaporate, too such an extent that mother nature herself is being threatened. Sure there are still some bright lights out there, beacons of hope, but malicious circumstances seem too have taken the limelight. But as predicted in the bible, in the Gita and Koran, and probably numerous other sources, God himself or another great soul will return and close the gates of Hell. And lead us all too salvation Amen, Hallalujah etc. Not achieving holy or sacred experience and connection in Spirituality leads too lethergy and tiredness, then the vices attack the soul like ghouls in a nightmare, sucking the happiness from our hearts. Then for support and refuge we turn too materialism as a crutch. New inventions and breakthroughs aren't bad , they will be in Heaven as well, but when a soul is weak they can be a conduit too ego and laziness. Thus we become a puppet too our own illusions, mind you these are all symptoms of the disease, and part of a cyclic event, so all is not lost. One way too quickly remove ourselves from this spiralling trend is mediation. Not on a candle or a mantra,a Saint or idol, but on God himself, then we can help God help us help the world. If you connect your third eye too Gods, we adopt Gods sight, which is very high and elevated. Our brain and intellect become all knowledgeful like Gods and our moral compass becomes true. In fact like any powerful machine we can see into the future and also the subtlety of the soul and spirit.Like a spy satelitte seeing a terrorists every move or hearing the pulse of a nation. Or a Cat scan picking up the germs of a cancer cell in the gallbladder years before it forms a tumour.Then prevention and accurate course of action can be plotted too minimize damage. This is true spirituality, not qouting scripture or babbling a sermon too the masses. Try it for yourself:) Om Shanti