Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Power House

In every village, town and city Practically in the modern world, they would have some Power plant or generator too create electricity for all there mod cons.These new inventions make our lives more relaxed and easier, and really attract our attention.In Spiritual terms and also meditation terms, the Power house for all souls is God. The problem we have is dealing with all the middlemen of the Powerhouse. In Australia we have many different agents and suppliers of electricity, who charge the earth, or at times our connection is cut due too storms or traffic accidents, now there is a big push for Solar Electricity and alternative power sources too make each household more independant. The same with Spirituality, we have so many middlemen, taking our attention, controlling our consciousness. Also storms of negativity and illusion come too shake our faith and break our connection too God. Baba says" see these as test papers too check how far you have progressed, and how close you are too the father".God is the source of all power who charges all the souls of the world, imagine such power and purity of power too recharge all the souls of the world, see if you can get this unlimited connection, free of charge:)