Thursday, May 20, 2010

dadi Gulzar

Om Shanti. Om Shanti is a greeting of peace and some of you responded to that very sweetly but does everyone know what it means. It means I the soul am an embodiment of peace. It is my experience that whenever there is peacelessness or sorrow in the mind, if you think that I the soul am peaceful, my original nature is peaceful, we will actually be able to experience peace at such times of peacelessness. So, all of you are sitting here, are you peaceful and happy?

It is observed that there are two things essential in human life – happiness and power. Power can be of the mind as well as of the body. If I were to ask you ‘do you remain happy”, you would say yes, we do but not all the time. But what is it that we want – to be happy sometimes or, constantly, all the time? We all wish to be happy all teh time isn’t it?

It is said, health, wealth and happiness. It is said there is no nourishment like happiness. Even if you keep 36 kinds of food on one side and happiness on the other side, what would you prefer? What good is that food if there is no happiness? It is also said, there is no treasure like happiness. So, if you have happiness, you will have health as well as wealth. On the other hand if you lose happiness, you don’t just lose happiness, you lose all three happiness as well as health and wealth.

That is why it is essential that you look after this happiness. If happiness disappears, we have to understand what is the door through which it disappears? What is that door that we allow to be open that lets our happiness disappear? There are four such doors - one, we lose happiness when the desire of our mind is not fulfilled. So, one door is desire. The second door is thinking about others – what is this one doing, what is that one doing... The third door is thinking excessively about things. The fourth door is sensitivity – for example, if someone criticises you and insults and defames you, is rude with you, what would be your position at that point of time? One your face will change and your happiness will disappear. But you must realise that person hasn’t come to take away your happiness but you have handed it over. The person will go away and sleep and eat comfortably but you become unhappy. So, these are the doors through which we lose our happiness. We will have to close these doors, find the cause – the door through which happiness has disappeared and shut that door.