Sunday, May 23, 2010

om shanti

Om Shanti. Say Om Shanti. All of you who have come, do you love peace or not? Or do you like things as they are, as life goes along. (Peace). Why do you love peace? (it spreads love). Everyone loves peace. Why? Why what is the reason? In reality our original religion is peace. In reality, this is what the human has forgotten and this is why we have become peace less. We have forgotten we are souls, spiritual beings and our original religion is peace and thus keep searching for peace in the world.

To understand that I am a soul – this is spiritual knowledge. God has given us this recognition, this understanding that I am not this human form, but am a spiritual being that resides in the centre of the forehead. The original religion of this spirit, the soul is peace. Why? Because the soul is the child of the supreme and He, our Father is the ocean of peace, so being His children, we too have the original quality of peace.

You understand this much do you not that the soul and body are separate entities? So, the reason we all love peace is because the original religion of the soul is peace, the Father of us souls is peace. Just as when we lose something we love, we keep searching for it, similarly because we have lost our peace which is dearly loved by us and we want to return to that original state, we keep searching for it.

Science has created many facilities that give us happiness but even when these inventions are created, they are done in silence. Even when we have to do an important task, we spend time preparing in silence. Silence is necessary for any invention. So, if we want to regain peace, to take back that which we have lost, what will we have to do?

According to the knowledge that we have received, if we are to regain our inner peace, we need to allow our mind to be connected to the Supreme. He is remembered as the ocean of peace, the one who has the power of peace. He is the bestower of peace. People call out to Him to give them peace. Thus if we want peace, then we need to connect our mind to the Supreme and this is what is known as meditation. Across the world hundreds of thousands have made their lives peaceful through the practice of this meditation.

The circumstances of the world are such that things are going into extremes. Peacelessness and sorrow are increasing and this will not cease. It is only when things go to the extreme, do they end. It is we who need to learn to be peaceful in the midst of all this through the practice of meditation.

In a household it is seen that even if one person comes home peace less, the entire household is affected and becomes peace less and when someone comes in great happiness, then the state of the household is similar. The vibrations of peace spread around us as also the vibrations of peacelessness. Peace is such a virtue that you can attain whatever you want to attain through it – powers such as of love, of discernment, of tolerance etc can be accumulated when we are peaceful.

So, now I will give you something very ordinary but at the same time very precious (showing a blessing card). This has the blessing of the Supreme. People go to their gurus for a blessing. So, this is a blessing from the satguru. Keep it safe and whenever a situation of peacelessness comes, look at this and read it and you will become peaceful.

As your spiritual sister, I wish that my brothers and sisters who have come here today should never experience sorrow. How can a sister see her brothers in sorrow and peacelessness? Always remember you are a soul, a child of the Supreme.

Om Shanti.