Monday, May 17, 2010

Finding the soft spot

When a scorpion wants too strike a target, it won't strike a stone or rock. It will automatically find the soft spot and inject its poison. Delivering true spirituality is like that. The recipient must be open and eager, there will be a sense of focus in there eyes, like an archer that is focussing on the target. But if that open spot is not evident, the Scorpion will not retreat but will move around, trying different angles, and usually in darkness. If you have a mesage too deliver that is the truth and powerful, you will deliver it no matter what, it is intrinsic in the messengers nature. For example Jesus was crucified because of his message, there was one Sikh saint who was boiled in oil, Ghandi was assassinated. This doesn't stop them. I am a soul, you too are souls(points), God too is a point of light (Jyoti Bindu) and this is a game of points.