Sunday, May 9, 2010

Self Awareness

With the awareness of your own stage, that is your own internal self respect ( i.e I am a soul)you can claim the whole world as your oyster. This can only be achieved by developing the power of yoga, which is manifested by connecting too God, the Supreme Soul. Who is God and what is his role in this human world. Well he must be a great personality because more than 3/4's of the world population recognize him in one form or another. Such power and purity from the unlimited source. If we tap into this in our meditation then the Fathers inheritance becomes the childs inheritance, and we become Heir too the kingdom of Heaven. In some yogas they speak of an ancient mantra, the Maha mantra, which you must chant incessantly and you will achieve miraculous powers and sacred gifts. Here the magic mantra is Om Shanti (I am a peaceful soul). Which I visualize in my minds eye. This is the key too meditation, the gateway too connecting too the Supreme. The Supreme looks like me as well but is not trapped in a body as I am. So through my minds eye I visualize connecting too my Father and feeling his presence. Then my life will become enchanted and magical.