Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 2 Dadis speak

Dadi Janki - 13.6.10-pm- GCH, London - before leaving for India

Become equal and become one

The confluence age is the age of such a beautiful meeting between the
Father and the children. Wherever Baba's children are around the
world, their vision is filled with Baba and Baba's vision is filled
with the children. Those who don't understand this Godly meeting,
don't understand anything.

Many feel unlimited compassion - they feel sorry - for people who are
in a bad way and are not able to tolerate what they see. With
compassion there also needs to be courage - and for this you need the
right kind of intellect. Seeing the state of the world, people ask:
What shall we do? I tell them: Don't worry - a better world, a world
of Truth will come. All you need to do is be truthful. The world is
only in this state because of human beings. Everyone has to go home -
not just you - and in the end they will do so without sorrow; they
will realise that it's time to go home.

BKs stop feeling sorrow. If we continue to do so, what have we
understood? If someone leaves the body and we feel sorrow, where is
our understanding? The body may be old but at least you're able to
come to class, have yoga and do service. So don't get tired of the
body; just go beyond it. God tells us: Realise that you are a soul
and you belong to Me. Don't just hear the words, experience this.

Everyone is now saying that there has to be newness. I say: there has
to be oneness. We have to become one. There shouldn't be any 'mine'
and 'yours'. Everything is Baba's.

People ask me where I get strength from. I experience strength growing
within me because I use everything in a worthwhile way. Time is with
you - it is your treasure.

Have a generous heart for using time in a worthwhile way. Be honest,
merciful and have a very big heart. The Bestower of Blessing and the
Bestower of Fortune is constantly with you, so continue to give. Your
deity reward is fixed. To say 'ha ji'' is pleasure, when my Companion
isn't separated from me even for a moment. Just remember Baba - and
not anyone or anything else, then everything is easy.

Someone asked: How do you forgive? It is not for me to forgive; I
just let go. It's ego to say 'I forgive'. When I hang on to
something, everything gets complicated - I think about it, see it,
speak about it and then I'm not able to become bodiless. If I don't
go deep into the experience of being bodiless, how will others have
the proof and experience your vibrations?

Baba is always in my heart and His versions are in my thoughts. Nobody
else in the world knows Baba - they all remember Him but it's only we
who know him and the practical proof of this is in our lives. You
have to explain the points of gyan to people in such a way that they
penetrate into their bones - but you have to see that it's penetrated
into your bones first. Check yourself: is there any ego? Ego
shouldn't even touch me. Any ego and the face wilts. There's either
sorrow, compulsion or bowing down. The body is here but I stay above
it. My end stage should be determined by my determined thoughts now.

Stay in solitude and allow everything Baba says to merge inside you.
Understand that this is your final birth. There should be no accounts
with anyone and we certainly shouldn't be creating new accounts - have
compassion for yourself! If someone says something, just stay
peaceful. See how much has been achieved through peace.

We all know that Shiv Baba is the Sun of Knowledge, Brahma Baba the
Moon and we are the lucky stars. The stars in this body are in my eyes
- they are not in my knees. Some remain under the influence of their
sanskars; their face and way of speaking is not that of an instrument
of Baba. It is the instrument that makes the sound, not the person who
may be clever playing it. If Baba is not sitting in between our
sanskars, then what have we become? Let Baba make you so worthy that
others seeing you say that it's the One Above who is creating that

In the month of June we remember Mama. Mama gave such sustenance by
being bodiless. We have to become equal to our Mother and Father.
Through Your blessings we become like You.

Om shanti.


Dadi Gulzar visits Germany - June 2010

After almost exactly 10 years Dadi Gulzar graced Germany again with
her royal and divine presence escorted by Neelubehen and Jayminibehen.
As Sudesh Didi put it in the Welcome Session following a red carpet
walk of Dadiji under white umbrellas decorated lovingly with coloured
ribbons and receiving red and white roses from the waiting 70
Brahmins: "Is it a dream or is it reality? Has Dadi Gulzar really come

In the evening Dadiji gave a concise talk on the topic "The courage to
be human" to a gathering of about 250 listeners of which 160 were
Brahmins. The essence of her talk was:

v You have had the courage to come to a meditation evening,
although there is so much sorrow in the world. Everyone is looking for
love, peace and happiness in their lives but why does it disappear
even more and more?

v It is because human beings have lost their connection with God.
Therefore the spiritual power is missing which is the fourth power
after the predominant powers present in today world: Science, politics
and religion.

v This spiritual power is the power of realising: Who am I? If I
realise that I am a soul, a being of light, then I have access to the
spiritual power of the soul.

v Because we no longer identify with the soul, the spiritual
power is missing. Only by reconnecting with God can this power flow
again, because God is the Almighty Authority. Being able to keep that
connection is called "meditation".

v The 2 requirements to keep that connection are the thoughts:
1. I am a soul and 2. I am His child.

v Why is our happiness not stable? What are the 2 doors through
which it disappears? Firstly it is when our desires are not fulfilled
and secondly we take sorrow when someone is blaming or accusing us.
Therefore, remain a detached observer and don't think about the past
but about what you can change in the future. Find a solution!

v If you are able to close these 2 doors firmly, you will
constantly stay happy and also give happiness to your country.

v The method to keep that inner happiness is meditation, because
that is how we receive powers from God. We need these because the
outer world is constantly changing, so we need to have a variety of
skills in order to cope with the situations.

The evening ended with Sudeshbehen offering Toli, Dadiji giving
powerful drishti and Pratiba Patel from Nairobi/Africa handing out
blessings and a give-away. Everyone felt touched by Dadis "call for
happiness" and was deeply satisfied through her powerful vibrations.

Todays morning class with 160 Brahmins had to be held at a school
close to the centre which had been beautifully decorated with huge
pictures of Brahma Baba, Mama, Lakshmi and Narayan.

Points from Dadiji's morning class:

© Everyone is lost in the love of Baba and is remembering in
their heart: My Baba.

© Baba has told us 2 things: Firstly: Remember Me, thinking
that you are a soul. And secondly: Give others the experience that
Baba gave to you. This is called service.
If we keep ourselves busy in these 2 things then Maya cannot come into the mind.

© Are you always happy or only sometimes? Baba doesn't like the
word "sometimes", He wants us to do it "now". Can you make a
determined thought to end this word "sometimes"?

© Since we do not know the date of the final paper, we have to
prepare for that test by being ever ready which means being constantly
connected to Baba.

© Baba wants us to become royal rulers over the self, so we have
3 thrones: 1. The throne of the forehead. We already have this one.

© 2. Baba'heart throne and 3. The throne of the future kingdom.

© How do we attain Baba's heart throne? Baba loves the Murli so
I have to ask myself: Do I also have love for the Murli? Do I listen
to the Murli every day? Whether later in the day or over the phone, it
doesn't matter. Do I put into practice what Baba says in the Murli or
do I just listen to the Murli?

© With determination comes the power to make effort and become a
fast effort-maker who says: I will definitely do it now. I won't use
the language: I will do it in the future (postponing).

© Keep the intoxication that Baba has come for me - only for me.
In each cycle Baba has made me His child!

© In order to have a happy day, think of Baba first thing when
you open your eyes in the morning and give everything to Him when you
go to bed in the evening.

© If you have the power from one hour (of study) then ...

After morning class everyone took deep powerful and sweet drishti from
Dadi and received a blessing card and a toli as well. Then everyone
went for lunch.