Tuesday, June 15, 2010

chit chat Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki -Chit-chat on arrival to the UK, GCH 13.6.2010 (on return journey to Madhuban from the US)
‘I want to do what Baba is asking me to do’
In the last 12 days how much transformation has happened within yourselves? I can tell you of my transformation. Transform from deep within so that your feet are not touching the ground and you are dancing with happiness in the awareness of who you are and who belongs to you…and give others this same experience. Wherever I go everyone is good and becoming better. Keep an elevated stage and have no burdens of service.
In the plane (from the US), there was a lot of turbulence yet the pilot did his job comfortably and easily. We may find ourselves in all sorts of situations and we just need to keep the realisation that these will come and go and we will arrive at our destination. The plane is between the sky and earth and goes above the clouds. We too go above the clouds. The clouds do the work of showering the rain yet we stay with Baba doing our work. Where do we live? Above the clouds we cannot see what is going on beneath, on the ground. Dadi had very good yoga during this scene.
Every murli is great. Let us go above and above and go to Baba beyond. People ask Dadi how does she carry on? Well how do the stars carry on? Baba says we are stars of hope, stars of success, the shining stars. We do not ask the stars what kind of stars they are…they just shine.
When Dadi sees the mature sisters very happy, she feels this is Baba’s honour. Those with grey hair have shining faces ,more than those with black hair!. Let each one be a shining star. Who are you…a star of hope, a star of success or a shining star.
All of us need to learn to remain alert and ask the question: Who am I? I have to fulfil Baba’s hopes, this is my job…because Baba has hope in the child. No one should ask How? Baba says ‘You are my star of hope and you can do it’. Fulfilling Baba’s hopes is our aim. I can see now there is a huge amount of success. What ever service we engage in we do not waste a thought or moment. Success has become our wonderful companion. Baba says that such children who become the shining stars, draw everyone’s attention up above.
In TV interviews (in US) everyone was asking what is going to happen in 2012. Dadi says don’t worry just think about what you are doing now. We say,we understand what we are destined to do. In the US Dadi told the BK’s to prepare such scientists that they say they will prepare such palaces for the future, whilst we are up above. All things will be finished and burn’t away and there will be no job of cleaning because burning cleans. The reclaimed land will merge - Bombay, Singapore and Hong Kong will all merge.
Everyone knows that Dadi was in Pakistan to show them what they need to do, and to do it now. In this Place of Tapasya where we had so much experience, other souls need to have experiences too. All over the world souls emerge to allow service to happen. Many have done a lot of deep service from their bones thus are now unshakeable and immoveable.
Whenver we ask Dadi Gulzar for a trans message from Baba, she says that when Baba calls her she will go…We used to wonder why she couldn’t just go……Dadi now understands this. In the US, whilst offering bhog, Dadi was totally pulled into such a powerful experience and really feels that everyone needs to experience this. Experience is a good thing as it pulls the soul and makes the soul dance.
We must become alert. Whatever thought we have we can do right now. Have the thought that I want to do what Baba is asking me to do; rid the self of any ‘babyish’ stage and become mature. Baba is in the stage of retirement and the children must be the same.
It is a discipline to always go directly to Baba’s room on arrival and departure. This is regard.
Dadi Janki - 11th June, 2010, before Morning Class – Anubhuti
The Supreme Soul is the Father of all souls, yet the people of the world don’t know Him. Through Father Brahma’s mouth, Baba says, “Child” to all souls, but each of us should feel that He is talking personally to me. When we listen to God’s voice, our faces blossom, because that voice takes us away from all the attractions of the world and pulls us up there to Him. At the Confluence Age, Baba comes into sound to take us beyond sound. There’s so much sound in this world, we’ve ended up no longer being able to properly hear or see anything. Baba takes us up above. If we stay up there and then look at the scenes down below, in that stage we can see how everything down below is in sorrow. When we stay up above, with our elevated attitude we can create a different vibration and atmosphere down below. But first we need an attitude of renunciation, then the attitude of being a trustee, and then the attitude of going beyond and staying up there.
The people of America have tried to hold the world in their hands, but the world has become even more divided. Now those of you in the whole of America must do the work of creating heaven on earth. Surrender yourself to God and commit to once again creating the Golden Age, to finding Baba’s special children. Why else have you come here? Baba has mentioned many times that you all originally belonged to Baba but have taken birth in this land just in this last birth so that you can once again establish the kingdom in Bharat. You have the intoxication that you are residents of Bharat, don’t you? Bharatwassis are unique in this world because they have a natural gift of staying beyond the consciousness of the body and being loved by God. In the last few public programs Dadi has come across special souls. Give them the donation of life and sustain them so well that they become Baba’s heirs and ‘mikes’ for Baba. They should come running to meet Baba in October. You all are instruments for this.
Just before Brahma Baba left the body, he gave us the mantra to become egoless, viceless, and humble. He also reminded us that the one who defames me is my friend. When I arrived for his last rites and looked at him, I thought, you created your memorial, what should I do now? I’ve always followed your directions. Internally I felt him respond, “You create your memorial too”. I was a heart patient at that time. I never imagined that I would still be alive 40 years after Baba became avyakt. Baba created his memorial by making himself a tower of knowledge, peace, purity, power and love. We also have to become towers in all these respects.
Sisters and brothers of America, don’t consider your body, mind, wealth, relationships, and time as your own. Consider that whatever you have is for Baba. Baba is making us move forward, so surrender yourself totally, just as Brahma Baba did. Don’t keep anything in your heart except the Comforter of Hearts. Once someone asked me if I am married. I replied that my husband is the Comforter of Hearts and my children are happiness and peace. If you want to have a life like mine, don’t look or listen to anyone else but Baba. In this study, the earning is instant and our guru is taking us with him. If you’re a teacher, speak; otherwise stay in silence. Create a group of two or three souls who are better than you.
Om shanti.
Courage & Compassion: Public Programme at Sacramento, Tuesday 8th June, 2010
This was a well-attended programme at the Christ Unity Church which featured along with Dadi Janki, singer Ann Roach and the following panelists: Rev. Christine, Senior Minister of Worship, Sacramento Spiritual Life Centre; Susanne Dupree, Organizational Development Consultant and Board Member, Visions for a Better World Foundation; Dr. Rajiv Pathak, Surat, India, MBBS, MD, neurologist, leader of the Sacramento Gujarati Samaj.
Dadi Janki: What is compassion? I remember the words from the scriptures ‘Compassion is the root of all religion and ego is the root of all sin.’ How much ego do you have inside? - Not the type of ego where you’re trying to prove something externally, but the subtle type where you feel ‘there should be some kind of mention of me’, or, ‘how can I tolerate this insult?’ Some say “I have a lot of compassion, but I feel a lot of sorrow; I don’t know what to do.” Those who feel compassion but also take on the sorrow of those in distress in fact have subtle ego. You have to leave ego aside and keep courage. Even though we have compassion, we also need courage.
Along with courage and compassion, you have to take power from God to become truthful and honest. Even though you have courage you still need deep trust and that only comes when you are always honest and truthful. Then in your heart and mind you’ll develop the deep trust that whatever is to happen is already ordained, because truth and honesty enable this clarity.
Compassion helps to stop us doing wrong things based on ego. Ego makes you have greed, attachment and anger. Compassion brings the deep realisation that you want to be free from these and instead act with courage and trust. So to live with courage and compassion you need honesty and trust.
Rev. Christine: How can we work together to build more cooperation?
Dadi Janki: With courage and compassion comes cooperation. It’s said that a yogi is one who gives cooperation. Being a yogi doesn’t mean you close your eyes and just sit in meditation. From the heart, through their attitude and vision, a yogi keeps spreading vibrations of pure feelings and good wishes. Pure feelings and good wishes work wonders. Never let there be ill feelings for others or even for yourself. Never feel bad about anyone or anything. Our feelings for everyone should be filled with compassion, mercy, love and honesty. God gives us help to make our hearts like this. He gives us so much cooperation; all we need is to keep the aim.
You need to have a merciful heart, an honest heart, a big heart and a strong heart. Even if you have to face many tests, such as illness or money concerns – and these tests will come - by having a big, merciful heart over a long period of time, everything will be okay. You need a merciful heart, honest heart, big heart in order to always be helping others. Relationships are such that one day you say “this one is my friend, brother, sister” and the next day they’re not around. You need a strong heart to take all of that. You need such a state of mind in which everything is so clear there are no questions or doubts. Doubts prevent you from doing anything. Questions make you wait for answers. My task is to bring everyone into unity and give love to everyone. If someone doesn’t give me love, it doesn’t matter. To give is my duty, to ask is not my duty.
Susanne Dupree: What advice can you share about how to remain stable in a world of turmoil?
Dadi Janki: Once you’re able to take power from God internally, you are able to serve with very elevated and pure thoughts. When you stay in silence internally, you’re able to use your time in a worthwhile way. In our gatherings there’s so much love and peace. All over world, people like yourself are connected to us in subtle ways and they draw these vibrations to themselves. The nature of human beings is very sensitive. If something bad happens, it instantly spreads like an infection. The same occurs with something good;it has a good impact, as if someone is regaining consciousness. Those very far away need these vibrations.
When in every moment we keep serving through our mind in this way, God always helps us internally in this. He gives a lot of help, when He knows that you are an obedient, faithful honest child who doesn’t waste time in wasteful things. You need the subtle effort of constantly keeping the awareness ‘I’m a child of the Supreme Soul, and I study the teachings He gives us.’ Study means not just with the brain; it means imbibing the teachings into the heart.
Let me be a practical example for others so they think “I too can become like this.” Become an instrument with the feelings of just being an instrument. The one who makes an instrument and the one who plays it are different, but the sound that emerges is beautiful. The sound that we’re making today should reach everywhere.
Dr. Rajiv Pathak: How did you achieve such a stable, calm and peaceful mind? What is the process to make a mind stable and calm like yours?
Dadi Janki: The brain and mind are separate. The brain is physical, but the mind is not; the mind is part of the soul. When the soul is in body, the heart and head reveal what’s in the soul. The heart and head are connected. If the heart is happy and the head is cool, my nature is very easy. If the head is hot, words of frustration emerge.
When the mind is peaceless, it keeps stumbling around, wandering here and there and far away from any sense of peace. Even if you tell it to sit quietly, it won’t. To learn meditation properly you have to make the mind very quiet. The sense organs are very mischievous in preventing this through their seeing what’s happening, listening to it or talking about it. Once the mind becomes quiet, the intellect begins to work in the right way. Otherwise, although the intellect knows what is right or wrong, true or false, and so on, because the mind is under the influence of the sense organs so much, the intellect doesn’t have the strength to do what is right or to refrain from doing what’s wrong.
The intellect should understand in such a way that it’s able to make the mind peaceful and connect the mind with God so that you can get power. The strength of this link between the intellect and God is what makes the mind peaceful.
Even more subtle than that is your attitude. It’s very deep and it holds things from long ago. This is why you say “my attitude is not good”. So internally, one’s attitude of mind also has to be very clean. When the intellect realises, it is able to cleanse the attitude so that you’re not remembering the old useless things but are remembering the good things. This is called the stage of manmanabhav, in which the head and heart work properly. So the mind, intellect, attitude, remembrance, awareness - all of these things are inter-connected. When you understand them properly, you’re able to bring to an end all the ill feelings inside and imbibe good things in your life.
Humans want to bring many good things into their lives but they don’t finish off the bad internally. It’s very subtle. Three things that happen are that people get confused, nervous, and fearful. They wonder how something will happen and when it will happen. However, if you’ve developed faith and trust internally you’ll feel nothing can happen. So make your attitude elevated and then you’ll be able to create a very powerful atmosphere through that attitude. Then no negative and waste thoughts will emerge.
People’s faces are not always cheerful because we keep suppressing things in our minds, and 99% of us suppress something. You hold back from saying something but by suppressing and keeping anything in your heart that someone has said, you make your own heart heavy. God never says, “This one is like this, or like that.” With great love He makes us belong to Him. So there’s a very deep connection between the heart and mind. When you suppress anything it’s in the heart.
Audience member: What spiritual practice is best used to build faith or trust?
Dadi Janki: First understand deeply what Dadi has been sharing about the heart, mind, and intellect and bring it practically into your life. Have the pure feeling to bring these things into your life and that will help. Then you’ll not just say “I heard about this” but you will understand and you’ll share with others at that powerful level.
Another audience member: Could you speak on the topic of forgiveness and letting go?
Dadi Janki: When we start walking on the spiritual path, just as you have to have compassion, you also need to have feelings of forgiveness. First there’s compassion, then a merciful heart and then you can do something. But you also need feelings of forgiveness. Letting go means that you have not only forgiven but have also forgotten. If you’ve not done this, you’ll not be able to let go. You’ll hold on to whatever has happened, and then you’ll experience neither compassion nor mercy.
Along with compassion and mercy, if someone has forgiveness, they’ll never have hatred for anyone. If you have feelings of hatred or look at anyone with that vision, it means you have ego. Some say “I’ve forgiven that one, but still he doesn’t improve” but it is ego to think in this way. If you have compassion, mercy and forgiveness, your vision towards others will always be of bringing benefit. You’ll never hurt others but also you’ll not let others hurt you. Let there be genuine feelings of friendship. This is what it means to let go, and to truly forgive.
Courage and Compassion: Public Program at Anubhuti, Wednesday, 9th June, 2010
There was standing room only for this variety program featuring award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin; former world champion athlete, university professor and author Dan Millman (The Way of the Peaceful Warrior); award winning producer, director, musician and composer, Emmanuel Vaughn-Lee, Founder and Director of the Global Oneness Project; and Dadi Janki.
Essence of remarks by Dan Millman: We strive to live with a peaceful heart, but it takes courage to live in this world. We all have to overcome hardships in life and we develop compassion having gone through them. However we don’t have to look for adversity in order to grow. There are many other means to achieve personal growth such as spirituality, self insight, and self enquiry that help us to focus on our inner world. The assumption is that by thinking kind, compassionate or good thoughts, we can acquire peace, love and happiness inside, and then we can live well. But feelings can change all the time, like the passing weather. Heroes and cowards feel the same fear, they just respond differently. So my focus is on what we do. Behave with courage. Be kind, loving, peaceful, compassionate, irrespective of how we may feel. After all, we have more control over what we do than what we say, or over what we think and feel. Let us focus on what we do moment to moment: ‘how can I bring a little more kindness and compassion to this moment?’
Essence of remarks by Emmanual Vaughn-Lee: How do those living in challenging circumstances deal with those challenges? How does that differ from how we might deal with them? Whilst challenges can differ depending on where we live, we can still learn from each other. In our interconnected world, alternative media plays a vital role in presenting people with ideas and images that help them think about alternative ways of living in this world. Although I don’t tell people what to do, through film I encourage people to change the ways they relate to the world, to be true to themselves, and to integrate that truth in their lives.
Address by Dadi Janki
People ask how at my age I remain so light. They don’t understand it is the might from the Almighty that makes me light.
In 1978 I went to the Caribbean. They had put up a banner which read, ‘The Star of Hope comes to town.’ I did not know what ‘star of hope’ meant and I had to stand up in front of a big gathering as a star of hope. What should I say to them? So I thought to myself the soul is a star in centre of forehead. I’m the one who makes this body move. The eyes, nose, hands have their own places; and the soul also has its own place here in the forehead. So I am a star, a shining star.
Where does a star get its sparkle from? During the day when the sun is bright, stars are hidden, but at night when the moon comes out they start to sparkle. But where do they get their light from? The sun is like a father; the moon is like a mother. The sun spreads its rays over the whole world. It is 24 hours on service. The moon and the stars also serve for just as long. The Earth rotates and the sun spreads its rays The sun removes the darkness. But the moon and stars that you see shining up there also draw their light and power from the sun. The stars are numberwise where those that shine the brightest are said to be the ones that remove bad omens.
Then there are film stars. In the world everyone is an actor, but what kind of actor are you? Who is the creator, who is the director, and what’s the main signal that the director is giving? First we have to be stars of hope. God, the Supreme Soul, has given the understanding that we are stars and He keeps great hope for us. What are God’s hopes for His children? His hopes for us are that we don’t engage our mind and intellect in just ordinary things here and there but that we constantly remain above it all like the sparkling stars. Don’t have attraction to anything, or confusion about anything. Then your time and energy are saved and you can become a star of success.
Throughout my life I’ve had the desire to fulfil whatever hopes God has for me. There are many kinds of desire. A low form of desire is like a craving. It’s such that even as a person grows old, the craving, “I want this, I want this” gets stronger. A second type of desire is to wish for something. People, no matter to which religion they belong, usually pray to fulfil a wish. A third type of desire is the desire to meet God, to have a connection, relationship, communication with Him.
Whatever God wants to do through you, there’s success in that. Success is your birthright. God says, “You do this and I’m with you”. See your duty as just remaining egoless and viceless. Then ‘I’ becomes ‘we’, and ‘we’ becomes ‘one’. We are one family, brothers and sisters. ‘We’ means that, even if we have to fight, we all together will fight with our collective energy. No one will fight alone by themselves. In same way, if we’re going to spread peace in the world we have to do it together. Then success will follow and you’ll be able to talk with confidence about courage and compassion.
If you don’t have courage, what can you do with just compassion? Likewise, if you have courage and don’t have compassion, how can we live as one? A human being can’t take even one step without courage. If someone has pain they lose the courage to get up and walk. You may feel compassion for that person but you can’t really do anything for them because they themselves don’t have the courage to take a step.
You don’t have courage when you’re caught up in your own pain and suffering. When you’re free of pain or the awareness of it, then you can do something. But then you need understanding. You should not do anything to cause sorrow and peacelessness, so you need to do something other than what most people of the world are doing.
At this time what is needed is the power to forget all the past things that people have done or that I have done - otherwise there will be no newness and no unity. When you hold on to the old, there can be no oneness or newness. The recipe for newness and oneness is to let all the things of the past finish completely. Let there be no trace of the old whatsoever, because you’ll experience something new only when the old is completely finished. In terms of global oneness, if there’s newness there’ll be oneness. Even though I keep the whole world in front of me, first there should be newness in myself. What newness can I bring in my personal life? Deep love brings newness.
Fire is such that it burns so that nothing visible remains. There are different types of fire: The first is the fire of love. Deep, intense love internally finishes everything old in my mind, in my work. Then I’m able to bring peace. This is what the world needs. Another type of fire is the fire of truth. Stay very, very peaceful and let this fire remove any alloy so that falsehood finishes and only truth remains. You need very strong fire to remove the alloy of past sins or wrong actions that have been committed.
It’s the way of the world that the soul leaves the body and goes. For a long time I’ve been making effort such that I leave my body peacefully. The things of the outside should not penetrate me, and whatever God is sharing within me should extend outward. When one is very clean and peaceful inside, then one’s thoughts are very elevated and whatever is to happen, happens. This state of being is a form of co-operation that also enables other souls to leave their bodies peacefully.
If the heart is happy the head will be cool. Even when I’m upset about something, my face shouldn’t reveal it and my nature should be very easy. If I have to live in this body, this is how I need to live. And if I have to leave the body, I should leave with a lot of happiness, not wanting this, wanting that.
Make intense effort to free yourself from anger, because if you get angry, others will take six months to forget it. Others feel pain or sorrow because of our actions. To help avoid this, serve the world in such a way, that there’s no attachment to the result. It’s good medicine not to take sorrow and to forget any source of sorrow from the past. Forgive and let go. Forgive and let go and you will stay cheerful and will never have any tears. Some hold on to situations or some situations hold on to us. Who has this illness? Be free of it from today. Replace being careless with being carefree.
Become stars of hope, stars of success, sparkling stars. This is my vision for you. God’s vision is that there should be examples like this so that people can see the wonder of God. So first point your finger inwards towards yourself, then point it upwards towards God. With every breath let there be the awareness of God and love for everyone. Everyone’s eyes should open, their intellects should go towards God and they should be able to change. The time is now if we are to achieve this.

"May you be holy, may you be yogi "