Monday, June 7, 2010

Dadi Janki talking on God (baba)

Dadi Janki – 31st May 2010 – GCH, London 9.30pm
Just let the Magician do His magic
To belong to Maya is a matter of second and to belong to Baba is also a matter of a second. Have you become completely free from Maya? Have you chased her away and set Baba on your head?
To give my time to such beloved children of Baba means to actually experience Baba’s love also. I was saying that Baba doesn’t give me love. Why did I say that? When you don’t do what Baba is wanting you to do, He will show you a stern eye; He will say: Now do a lot more now. Baba is not pleased with just a little. You may say to Baba, “I’m better than I was,” but He’s not going to believe you. You’ve made Baba belong to you. Baba also wants you to belong to Him and to make you dance.
It’s not the soul that’s making the body move; the body is being made to move according to the body’s desires. In body consciousness the body has become a poor, helpless thing. The body is telling the soul: “You have to do what I’m asking you to do.” You own nature, too, is saying: “You have to do what I say. What God is saying – that’s for the others, not for me.”
What is God saying? You have to give your time to things that are useful. You have given your time to be present here and so I am also present. No matter what time of the day or night it is, if you go in front of Baba, Baba will be ready. Even if you don’t call Baba, He is still present in front of you. He is seeing the children and hearing everything: I always want to be present in front of the children, who say “Ha ji” and are obedient and so I am obedient to them. Have you made such a deal with the Father, who is the Magician and the Jewel Merchant.
Challenges that come in front of us are not a big deal; they come to make us perfect. We are all learning.
Baba sees everything and helps the children. Having the thought to have a very good amrit vela makes it possible. It’s not a big deal for Baba to make us what he wants us to be, but I have to be ready to sit in front of Baba, so that Baba can work on me. He says: Remember, I did the same work on you last kalpa – do you remember that? Just remember Me and I’ll be present. Baba is saying: You are the same one of the previous cycle. And the feeling inside is: Yes, Baba, I am the same helper from the previous kalpa.
Someone said to me: How can you tell me not to think too much? They are thinking about what task Baba has given us – to transform the world. If I don’t transform myself, how is world transformation going to take place? Where is Baba going to find someone to carry out His task?
In the sakar days Baba made a lot of effort and so He is saying: Now, you just be avyakt and see how everything is happening. See how much Baba has accomplished in the avyakt stage and so Baba is saying that we should also stay in that avyakt stage and see how everything becomes possible. Can you not remain avyakt? Can you not let go of body consciousness, of this feeling of being corporeal?
Go deep inside and the go upwards and then the One up above can work on you. But instead of doing that you look around from side to side, you are not able to go inwards and so it becomes difficult for Baba too. So, just remain introverted and then it all becomes simple. How can I give you power, when you are caught up in your own things and questioning everything – why, what and how? Pay attention not to say ‘how?’ yourself but not to make Baba say it either. Realise that everything is very easy. So, the children have to make it easy for Baba. When we make it easy for ourselves, then it becomes easy for others too.
Have such deep love that the fire increases and you become totally absorbed in that fire. When you work on the self, inwards, what comes out is going to touch souls. We all have to do that.
Just continue to watch the wonderful magic of the Magician. The time has now come. Don’t wait for anyone; just see how everyone changes. There’s no need for excuses. If someone is giving excuses, just be quiet.
Om shanti.