Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dadi Janki talking

Dadi Janki Morning Class

June 2, 2010

Peace Village

Om shanti. Good morning. How great is our fortune. Wherever you see, it is Baba who is visible. Whatever the murli is for today, you all must have felt where did this murli come from? These are murlis of ’68, but every day we feel that this murli is just for today. The murli is always such – and Baba reminds us of this-- that the signs of destruction are very obvious in the world – so there is disinterest. Even before destruction happens, we have destroyed the world in our intellect. What do these eyes see? How do the eyes see the world and how do the eyes see the self? I ask my eyes, how do you see? I have to see myself as Baba sees me. When I see Baba, then I understand how Baba sees; then I am able to see the same way.

Sakar Baba also used to see this way and now being avyakt Baba has this very deep practice of how to see. There is a song that goes ”Baba I want to keep on looking at you and seeing you”…the world should also say this, “let me keep on seeing you.” Everyone loves me a little bit. Because whatever sweet things I have imbibed inside, I cannot stay without sharing with others. I always feel that Baba should keep on looking at me, and I should keep on looking at Baba. This is the experience that takes us far beyond everything and makes us fly.

There’s not even enough time to walk. If we have to go with Baba now, we cannot just be walking. Okay if you now feel, that I have to take a jump. Even to take a jump, you need courage. Sometimes you feel that you can jump and sometimes you feel, “no, I can’t do it.” What should our hearts be like to take this jump? We took a big jump and came from the old world to Baba. This was easy. For people of the world this would be difficult, but for you, Baba’s children, it was easy. You attained something and belonged to Baba.

You saw very little, but you attained so much. Therefore you belonged to Baba. Is it that after seeing, you came to know -- or that after you came to know, you began to see? So when you see Baba, Baba gives recognition in such a way that eternally you recognize and are pulled to Baba. I know the stories of many of you. What is it that you are taking time to do? As Baba is seeing me, let me to be able to see myself in the same way, and let me see others in the same way. This is what is taking time.

Now is not the time for long discussions. What is sustenance? To stay in your spirituality, and through your love for Baba, to keep drawing power from Baba. When you stay in your spirituality, you will find that Baba gives you very good sustenance. Baba gives you sustenance anyway, but by staying in your spirituality, you experience it more. You have the experience of sitting in Baba’s eyes and He prepares you to sit on his head. Be in Baba’s drishti. Know I am merged in Baba’s drishti and Baba is merged in my drishti. This is what Baba means when he calls you the jewels of His eyes.

We know that our lives have changed from being like shells to being like diamonds. All body consciousness that was hiding away inside of us is finished. Body consciousness hides itself inside and does a lot of work on its own. Today Baba said that for those who are living a student life, Maya cannot come to them. It is a wonder. As I was reading Baba’s slogan, I was feeling so thankful that Baba has made me experience what a student life is and also what a life of service is. God himself has kept me in His service.

In Karachi days, Baba used to come in someone’s body at that time. Some had this deep and natural faith that it is the Supreme Soul, God, who is speaking through this one. It is not that they had to create this faith. Because of their attainments they were able to develop that faith and bhavna. But there were others whose intellects used to work a lot. Even if Baba himself spoke, they would not have faith in that. In order to instill this faith and experience the difference between this soul and that soul, Baba invoked Shiv Baba in someone else’s body and Baba himself became an observer at that time. So through that one Baba made everyone experience who is the One who comes in this one. And that scene was so wonderful – he was not just thinking about whether Shiv Baba comes in me or not. His intoxication was in becoming Narayan again. We could feel that he is the first soul to come in Satyug and become Krishna. We would feel that practically at that time.

When Dadi was in Karachi, in Kunj Bhavan, she started remembering many things. They used to call Shiv Baba “Piyu” in those days, the Beloved. So when Piyu used to come, we used to cook very, very good items -- special items. Haar Didi was an expert in making many special things for Baba. Baba used to like when she made these variety items. He used to feel that she was a very good soul – doing everything for the service of Baba. Haar Didi was also my friend and I also made an item for Baba. I wanted to go in trance to take it to Baba. I was taking this thing I had prepared and Baba was coming down at this time and he said, “this is not your thing to do.” Baba used to draw my attention to study. Baba instilled the sanskar in me that I myself loved the study so much and I also made sure that others loved the study too.

I was a nurse. I used to do everything with a lot of love, even if it was 12 – 16 hours a day, showering the patients or whatever. One day Baba called Mama and said, “Mama, give her rest.” I told Baba, “I’m fine.” But Baba said, “no, I’m telling you to take complete rest.” Baba had so much concern. Mama also had a lot of concern.

I want to share stories with you this morning. Don’t use your intellects. Administration should happen very easily and naturally. There was Mitu Dadi, and she too was a nurse, a head nurse, but she couldn’t do hard work so Mama gave me that duty. All the Dadis in those days had their own groups to take care of. Some had duties of stitching, taking care of clothes. Chandramani Dadi was a deep renunciate. If you wanted to learn tapasya, you would go to Chandramani Dadi. Those who were in their groups would feel that they wanted to become like the Dadi who led the group. So what is service? Pushpashanti Dadi came from a very rich family. Once she surrendered, it was a big thing for the whole society. So she actually had to have a duty or assignment that would assure that she was looked at like a mother in the yagya. Mama and Baba considered what kind of duty to give her so that she could create some kind of fortune. Otherwise, if they weren’t serving in such a way, the lokik people would pull them back. Baba made her so worthy and so able. These are all the wonders of administration, the way that Baba administered.

For 10 – 12 years I was playing the role of a nurse then Mama sent me to another bhavan. And my duty was transferred to Pushpashanti Dadi. The patients used to remember me. So Mama came to our bhavan, the new bhavan. Mama came and started speaking murli in such a way that I started having palpitations inside. You have renounced, but you haven’t renounced your renunciation. I asked, Mama, “what did I do?” Mama asked, why are the patients remembering you? You have attachment to your service. If you do service, do it with full heart. If you are removed from that field of service, neither should I remember anyone from before, nor should those people remember me. Mama and Baba gave me such sustenance, and this was their way of administration also.

This place is so wonderful. Whose name should you take? It’s not that we have anything to do with anyone’s name. Just do whatever you have to do, taking His name, and Baba Himself will glorify your name. You don’t have to work to glorify your name. There should be such a deep soul conscious stage, a remembrance of Baba. Shiv Baba is the one who bestows blessings, Brahma Baba bestows our fortune, starting from the time that Shiv Baba started to come in Brahma Baba. Who is Brahma Baba? Who is Shiv Baba? How many would have accurately known? This one is the mother. This one is the Father, and then there is Bapdada. Today Baba said to just explain about alpha so others will be able to recognize. For those who would have understood this well, it is not that they would have had to explain a lot, but through their conversation, everyone’s eyes and ears would open and they would start to listen.

These murlis that we are hearing now, in those days there were a lot of exhibitions happening. It is not that you can explain to a big group – it is that you must explain personally. Who will be able to do this? The ones who sit personally themselves in solitude and do that. These days our BK’s don’t have that interest to be in solitude that much. You saw Baba. Baba was doing so much service moving around, but then immediately after that he was lost and in solitude with himself. This is a little slogan – once we go deep within then it will be easy for the one above to pull us, but if we are superficial, this won’t happen. Baba says remember me from deep within your mind. It is from deep internally inside your mind that you can remember only One. But if you remember anyone else – so and so, such and such happened – then you will not be able to remember that One from deep within. In this the mind and the heart are together.

I have some very good things to share: how to make your heart good. Everyone should look at your own heart. Whatever is in your heart is what the mind remembers over and over again. Then if you find you are getting confused and don’t understand something, you feel that Baba is way up there and that these are the things I have to deal with. But this is why Baba has come down here -- to finish all of your karmic accounts, your karmic bondages and to take all of your responsibility. Even the responsibility of this body is on Him. There is no time to keep asking if I am okay. I have time to stay with Baba, to be an observer, to stay in my intoxication, my zeal and enthusiasm, to I can give that to others. If my zeal and enthusiasm becomes any less, I will not be able to remember Baba and service will not happen. Baba once sent me a bhog message, “this is my daughter who stays in enthusiasm constantly.” With enthusiasm, the zeal automatically works. Nothing else is needed. So if there is any block in that enthusiasm, if anything is stopping it… whenever you celebrate anything there is a lot of happiness: I want to dance, I want to eat. Even one who is lame, begins walking. The one who is deaf begins to hear. The one who is dumb begins to talk. If someone say, “leave me alone, I don’ t want this.” Why should we leave anyone alone? If you hold onto any branch and sit there, you will be caught by a hunter, because the hunter is always looking around to see if anyone is sitting still on any branch. So my brothers and sisters, don’t sit still on any branch. This is not the time to hold still and wait for anyone’s support. There is just one support.

What is the different between someone’s comfort and someone’s support? You definitely need company, because when you have good company you are colored by that company. It takes a long time for the company of the Truth to color. It has to be such powerful company to take us away from the company of falsehood. Even at times that company doesn’t work, but sometimes when someone has fallen you can offer support to take them away from what made them fall. What is service? Whatever sustenance we have received: Baba’s company, Baba’s support, Baba’s love, to share that. So there is company, support, truth, honesty. Wherever you are, create an atmosphere filled with these things. So I should always say, what is it that Baba wants? It is Baba who ultimately creates the method for doing this.

What is it that the souls need and are looking for that Baba has given us and we are not using? People of the world – we cannot blame them – they are without support. They are moving along based on temporary support, perishable wealth. There is a song, “you are the one who is the support of my life.” Some are dying, but Baba has taught us to live. Those who are unconscious, He has made us conscious again. Those who are hopeless, Baba has given us hope. Whatever Baba has given us, we must present that proof in front of people. Be free of the language of what and how.

If we become like this, then automatically the people of the world will look at us, and they will take from us. Today especially keep Baba in front of you. Look at your heart. What is in your heart? And then there are remembrance and service. It is as if in one eye there is remembrance and in one eye is service, and they are both working together. When land of peace and land of happiness are merged in our eyes, that’s what we see.

"May you be holy, may you be yogi "