Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dadi Janki talking on God (baba)

Dadi's arrival to Anubhuti, 8th June

[Dadi asked everyone to share what they wanted to get from this
retreat. Her remarks are in response to the aims that everyone

Power comes and weakness finishes when you say 'Om Shanti' with your
mind, your words and with everyone. The first 'Om Shanti' reminds me
that my religion is truthfulness and peace. When there's truthfulness,
there's peace. Truthfulness and peace give the experience of Baba's
love. With that, you become a destroyer of attachment and detached
from the world. First stay in the religion of the self and then you'll
automatically become soul conscious and merge in Baba's love. No
matter what tests come, never let go of your religion; then it's easy
to stay close to Baba.

Be introverted and stay in silence. By staying in silence you become
worthy to sit on Baba's heart throne. Through silence you receive
power and then your stage becomes like Dadi's. By staying in silence
you keep Baba on your heart throne, in front of you. When Baba's in
front, then no situation can come in front of you. Then your original
stage takes you to Baba. Just practice this for 24 hours; it's very

Do not waste time in unnecessary, wasteful matters. It's not just a
mistake, it's a sin to think about wasteful matters, or to listen to
them or speak about them. Then you can't remember Baba. Only with a
true heart can you remember Baba. Those who've done service through
their minds and bodies-their minds are with Baba, not with the body or
wealth. They gave their minds in service, so their minds don't go
anywhere else in the world; they're not attracted by any other thing.
No relationships pull them. They say, "I am Baba's" and Baba says,
"You are sitting with me."

Whoever puts foot in Anubhuti should experience Madhuban. The people
who ache from heart come here. Dadi's favorite song is, "I've found
three jewels: Baba, Murli and Madhuban." Those who have these three
jewels don't have pain; they are healed and become healers who heal
the sorrow of others.

Let people know the causes, and what is needed to remove, the sorrows
and aches of the heart. When you boss or criticize others, they
develop pains everywhere. Some are grabbed by body consciousness; then
they experience shame and a loss of dignity. You have to have such a
powerful stage that no one can grab you. No matter how much service
you do, you shouldn't be tired. Some people have chronic fatigue
syndrome and get tired very easily. It's because of the past or
because of some discontentment that they feel tired. When soul
consciousness is not there, body consciousness brings tiredness. If
you do service in Baba's remembrance, you won't experience aches or
pains or complaints; everyone will be happy, and all will become

You're all healers sitting here. When you have pain, you become a
patient in a hospital. If you keep patience, you become a healer.
Patients need patience. Sometimes a patient feels that the doctor is
not listening to him or her [but doesn't the doctor know what he's
doing?] Baba says, "Tell Baba and He'll make you ok." Don't ask, "When
will it happen? How will it happen? Baba says, "I'm standing in front
of you and you're asking these questions?"

This is a good hospital. No one needs painkillers here. Just be in
Baba's remembrance, receive one injection, and your tiredness and pain
will be gone. Then I will tell people all over world that if you want
peace and happiness come here to Anubhuti-not for training but to be