Wednesday, June 23, 2010

flower meditation

Discovering Natural Virtues / Qualities
Meditation enables us to achieve self-awareness and self-realization
(a true sense of who we really are), and discover our basic qualities
or specialties, which lay hidden within each of us.

1. Use a flower as a basis for meditation. You should be completely
focused on the flower, and no other thoughts should enter your mind.

2. How might the qualities of the flower reflect aspects of your

3. Now consider each different characteristic you have given the
flower. Think about each of it in terms of how it might correspond to
your personality.

4. If the flower has any negative aspects (is one of the petals drying
out?), what might this be telling you about yourself? Concentrate on
repairing the negative, making your self-image wholly positive.

5. Connect with the flower in this way, until you feel that the
beauties you see are a direct reflection of your virtues.

In the above exercise, the form of the flower's many petals may be
seen to correspond to your qualities; the fragrance may correspond to
the quality of your thoughts; and the colour may refer to some of your
positive moods or emotions (green for your love of the world, red for
calm assertion (positive aggression), blue for sympathy).
What you see, in the moment of meditation, is what you are.