Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dadi Janki talking

Dadi Janki – 28th June 2010 (pm) – Om Shanti Bhavan
I am responsible for my karmas
It used to take a long time before we could receive the murli and classes but nowadays technology co-operates with us so that we can receive the murlis and classes very quickly. In order to make everything move forward all I have to do is to stay in yoga. Stay in yoga and both your stage and service will move forward very quickly. For this, there should be no type of leakage. If there is any type of leakage then you will not be able to accumulate and thus you will not be able to fill your ‘pot’. If you fill your pot then you will be able to remain blissful. Bliss is the real treasure of this life. Those who remain internally blissful receive blessings.
Today Baba said that He cannot forgive our karmas. He said that if we commit wrong actions then we have to suffer for that. This point made Dadi very alert! If we keep remembering our past sins then we won’t remember Baba and so how can our sins be absolved? What happens nowadays is that many get into remembering service. They get caught up in service and Baba is forgotten. Remember that Baba is not responsible for my actions. It is my responsibility to base my actions on Baba’s shrimat. I have to use Baba’s knowledge to become free from performing vikarmas. To move towards the stage of being karmateet, I first have to stop vikarmas. My mind should not get fixed in any type of thought pattern. I have to remain merged in Baba’s love in order to become free from waste thoughts. .
If you want to become free then forget everything and remember Baba. The first step in this is to leave everything of I and my. If you attach your name to service then you will not be able to go straight back to Shantidham. Because to go to the land of peace the soul needs to be free. To go back to the land of peace we need to leave everyone else’s support and to take that One support. We will go back there alone but we have to go as a group. We have to pay attention to the actions we are performing but we have to remain free from attraction and attachment. That is, the soul has to remain free whilst performing actions. Humility and sweetness are two qualities that help a great deal when we are performing actions. We need to be totally true in our actions.
Beware: If there is any type of subtle ego that remains you won’t be able to do good service. Subtle ego will only show you as you really are and you will not be able to reveal God. Souls need to realise now that according to the time they need to change. A mike soul is one who will both surrender and speak. To create mike souls we need to serve through our vibrations. For this, I myself need to stay deeply in a stage of peace.
The suffering of karma means that the soul feels pain and suffers. Some souls go through the settlement of karma but don’t suffer. We saw how Baba’s face sparkled even though he may have been in pain. Even after having an operation Baba wrote the murli in the hospital. Baba was very concerned about our study. Someone asked Mama why even Baba had to go through the settling of karma, after all, he was Shiv Baba’s chariot. In fact, a lot of service happened through that … many doctors were served. The name ‘Bap’Dada’ actually emerged at that time. People were asking if our Guruji had come to the hospital. Baba told us to say that ‘BapDada’ had come. The way to do service even whilst sick is to stay in remembrance and remain cheerful so that whoever comes in front of you – whether patients or doctors will get served.
If you want to win Baba’s blessings then leave your delicate nature, leave laziness and carelessness. Leave the habit of making complaints and just quietly get on with doing God’s service with love. Don’t make a big show of what you are doing. Don’t let anything become a reason for disturbing you. To get disturbed and to disturb others is a sin. Do this and you will not be able to remain happy. In fact, everything is simple. Remain in remembrance and remind others to remember Baba. Mama used to give us a few signals.. she didn’t speak much.
The first step of effort is to move into the bodiless stage. In the bodiless stage the body will not be able to pull you down. In the bodiless stage, the things of the world won’t pull you. If you don’t remain in the stage then you will get so caught up in other things that you will not be able to remember the Father or make spiritual effort.
Om shanti.