Saturday, July 17, 2010

The 2 Dadis speak

Dadi Janki – 14th July 2010 (am) – Shantivan
The importance of a clear conscience
Q: How can we make our chit (conscience) and attitude pure? We get affected by things that happen in the past. How can we clear ourselves of all those things?
Dadi Janki: Baba has told us that each day’s murli give us many methods to deal with situations. Baba is the magician. Learn to use Him in that relationship. He can transform the soul in a second. To come into relationship with others means that you will definitely have to tolerate. In the past many of us stayed together. We learnt to live together with love. Subtle ego and subtle rudeness are weaknesses that remain in many. Such souls will have thoughts as this should not happen, this is not good. Such thoughts ruin your thoughts and thought process. You then get stuck in that way of thinking. Why does Baba tell us to leave the past as the past? Because otherwise the things that remain in the conscience sometimes emerge in a situation. My heart can only become clean if my conscience is clear. Whatever, has happened we have to realise it and then leave it. If not, it stays in the conscience and it will emerge. To think you are a senior is a mistake. To think you are a junior is also not right. Both the consciousness of senior and junior are wrong. My responsibility is to remain in self respect and to give respect… to everyone. The Dadis give regard to everyone. Many come in front of the Dadis to defame us. Let them come but I should not come down from my seat of self respect. How can I do this? I have to remember that Baba has kept me as an instrument for the world. I should not let myself get affected in any situation or how will I be able to act as an instrument? We have the lineage of 21 births within us. Learn to see each member of this family in a positive way. If you don’t then you will affect your own negatively and how will you really enjoy this life? Baba is speaking such sweet loving things to us. Would a wise soul leave those things and go into waste? Anyone can become one who is going to pass with honour. Dadi Gulzar was so small when she came. Look how great she has become! She has so many qualities and is so silent.
Repeatedly revising the murli and repeating it makes it strong in us. If I revise and repeat any waste that will also become strong. To go into waste and to repeat that to others is a huge mistake. Do not get tempted to do this.
Baba’s praise is ‘sat, chit, anand’… If you make your conscience completely clean and true then your face will reveal you as the embodiment of bliss. It is very important to make sure that your conscience is clear in every situation. If anything of the past emerges it will show on your face. Your face will become yellow! If waste from the past emerges then your face will change immediately. Someone asked me how to clear his conscience. I told him to write a letter to Baba every day. He got a lot of benefit.
Whatever is in your conscience will emerge in your attitude. Learn to look at yourself clearly as Brahma Baba did. He would really check himself. Stop wasting time in ‘how and why’. If there is something you know that you will have to do tomorrow then do it now. Be introspective, see the self and churn gyan. Baba is there… available to me… stay with Him and leave waste! What is the method to experience Baba’s power? Churning. Churning will make you cool.
To do service means to remain loving and co-operative. Whether someone is big or small I have to remain positive and loving with them. If you go into thinking and speaking waste about others then not only will you be spoilt but you will also spoil the atmosphere. Baba used to tell us, ‘If Baba were to remember that which happened the previous day then he would not be able to speak the murli in the morning’.
Now clean your heart and work on making your conscience clean. Don’t let your intellect dirty your heart and conscience. Be Manmanabhav and pay attention to only remember and only do what Baba has told you. Let your intellect cling to that and your intellect will then work in your favour.
If you allow yourself to become weak then negativity will definitely influence you. The solution to this is to create powerful thoughts because this will influence you positively. To listen to defamation about someone or repeat that is a vikarma. If you start listening to such things then every day someone will come feed you with such tit bits. Knowing the philosophy of karma you should not allow your ears to listen or you mouth to speak such things. Stop doing any wrong action now. The old sinful karmas have not yet been resolved … will you continue to allow yourself to create new ones? Be alert in this aspect. This is a very small subtle thing… as subtle as the soul. The connection with Baba is also very subtle. Knowledge is also subtle. I have to learn what I have to do and what I should not do. I have to stop doing what is not worthy of me. If you continue with actions or thoughts that are below your dignity then you will get sick. If you think and do good actions then even if your body gets sick, you will be able to get up and do service.
Baba has told us that we need to now have unlimited disinterest. If you really have unlimited disinterest from your heart then that which is not worthy of you will automatically leave you. Baba has such elevated feelings and vision for me. If you continue to do what you know (even subtly) to be wrong then what will Baba’s vision be for you? Are you going to come down from Baba’s heart throne just in order to do things that you know are not accurate according to His directions? Why would a BK not be able to meet and have connection with Baba now? It is because of misuse of the intellect and wrong attitude and drishti. Baba has told us that He is available to give drishti to everyone but that we have to know how to take that drishti. Now become unlimited and remain in the happiness of the unlimited. Even if your thoughts are a little ordinary that will touch the world and affect the world. Go beyond the things of your centre, go beyond the things of your country and realise that what you think and do reaches the whole world. Now hold out your hands and donate your good wishes and good karmas to the world!
Dadi Gulzar: Baba has told us that the small situations that come are definitely going to come but we should consider them as papers. No-one can pass from one class to another without passing a paper. My task is to prepare for those tests by empowering the self. The sign of not passing the test is that you will start going into waste. The papers of BK’s are not written papers but are situations. At that time, I have to tolerate and I have to pass that paper. I have to empower myself with tolerance power and see that the situation is calling me to use that power. Understand that Baba has prepared me every day for that test. I am the deity of the power of tolerance. If you do this you will find the situation easy and you will become an example. See the big situation as a small paper. Don’t make it big. Your power of tolerance will affect the one who may be posing the paper and eventually he/she will thank you.
Shrimat comes from the murli. Negativity becomes because of lack of yoga. Waste thoughts and the influence of other souls come from lack of yoga. If your mind does not move according to shrimat then there will be influence of other souls.
Om shanti.
Dadi Gulzar – 14th July 2010 (pm) – Shantivan
Can I remain constantly happy?
The topic of today is very important. The property Baba gave us as soon as we were born was happiness, peace and power. Ours is spiritual happiness – the happiness that can only be attained through the Supreme Soul. How can such a type of happiness disappear? There are many reasons. One of the main reasons is related to desires: I should be able to do this, I should get this, I wish to do this but… These are some of the reasons happiness disappears. If you allow ‘itcha’ (desires) to remain in you, then you will never become ‘accha’ (good).
Be aware that if you have even one desire then it will give birth to many others. One desire is fulfilled and another springs forth. Now check yourself; do I have any desires? If you allow them to continue you will never be internally happy. Another reason for losing happiness is that we get affected by defamation. To get affected by what someone says is to give your happiness to them, because what they say gets absorbed into your mind. Waste thoughts then start: Who does she think she is? Why did she need to say that to me? etc. The one who defamed you may then go off and rest but you are left with many questions of ‘why’ and ‘what’ and you will not be able to sleep!
Be aware that the happiness you have has been given by Shiv Baba. Are you just going to hand over your happiness to someone? That precious happiness God Himself has given you!? In the world people take great care of their property. They even have security guards! And me? Do I just hand over my happiness like that? It is never just happiness that goes. If your happiness goes then your health and wealth will follow. Remember that there is no nourishment like happiness. If you have the habit of losing your happiness then you will not be satisfied with even 36 varieties of food. This is why we have to place great importance on maintaining our happiness.
Happiness often disappears because we think about people and external situations. If you keep getting involved with thoughts of others you will not be able to have yoga. Thus, your happiness will diminish even further. Baba has told us that He is available to be out companion. When there is a companion in life then we have rights over them. Baba has told us that when we sit in remembrance we should tell Him ‘Baba you are my companion. My happiness has gone. Baba, come to me now’. Say this from your heart. Learn to take your rights from Baba. You have a right over the relationship with Him! Baba is in bondage to a soul who has love from the heart. The one who has only Baba seated in their heart. At the end of the day who will we turn to? It is Baba. Yes, there are service companions but the One who gives support at critical times is ultimately Baba… my Baba. Baba is the intellect of the intellects. He can support and change anyone’s intellect. So check; Is my love true and honest love of a true heart? Or is my love only of the quality that I only want to be close to Baba when I need something – that is, a selfish type of love. If your love is not true then Baba will not be able to stay in your heart. If you keep the situation in your mind and heart then Baba will not be able to stay there.
In fact, only Baba can give the quality of happiness that comforts and sustains the heart. Yes, other people and situations may be able to give you temporary happiness. If you don’t learn to take that highest quality of happiness from Baba then wherever you go you will not be able to remain happy. If you have true love for Baba then because your heart is happy that wherever you go you will generate happiness. Baba used to pay great attention to this aspect. When he would see that someone’s face was not quite right (unhappy) then Baba would call that soul and walk with them. He would ask if their health was ok… He would do something to make them laugh. He would not let that one go until they were smiling. He would always find a method. Baba loved seeing faces that blossomed with happiness like roses.
Brahma Baba would ask us why we went into waste thoughts of people and situations. He would tell us that we are branches of different trees – some come from one direction and some from another. He would say that he wanted us to join together as one tree of sandalwood. To have that much love and unity amongst ourselves that we could join together as one fragrant tree. We had so much love for Baba. Baba called us his living takurs… (idols of gold and silver). He would personally bring fruit and sweets at break time (at school). All we children (about 40 of us) slept in a dormitory with little mosquito nets. Baba would come at night and say ‘Goodnight’ to us one by one personally. At mealtimes he would come and meet us. This is why we had so much love for Baba and we would do whatever he told us. He gave us so much happiness. His vision for us was so high. He would pull our intellects back from wherever they went.
Gyan is the seed but the water is love. If you only have a seed but no water then will it give fruit? Ask yourself: Has my link been broken? Is my love pulled to anyone because of their specialities or their co-operation? Love is of different types; sometimes love is given to someone because you need their help, or you want their attention. Another type of love is really authentic, unselfish and true. True love transforms a whole face. It is that true and authentic type of love for Baba that will sustain your happiness and allow you to remain constantly and deeply happy.
Check; at yoga time: When my intellect and mind a free then where do they go? Because at that time, when you are free, then everything is clear and you can see where you are being pulled.
Think of the blessings you have received from Baba. Do you forget them? You forget them because of a lack of love. The seed is the blessing but the water is to revise that blessing. Don’t let it sit on a piece of paper somewhere. If you revise it you will experience great benefit. Give both water (revision) and the Sun to the seed (the blessing) and you will experience the fruit of the blessing. The fruit is when you allow it to come into your life. If you do this then you will be truly happy and on seeing you, others will also be happy. If you have the love of a true heart then the rays you generate will reach all around.
If you don’t have this true love then you may do everything – yoga, study, service etc. but you will not have constant happiness. There is a great difference in asking for love and co-operation from Baba when you need it and being emerged in love and swinging in the swing of love.
So check: Of what is the quality of my love? Become a small child in front of Baba. Just as a mother looks after the things that a small child cannot take care of, give all the things you are finding most challenging to Baba, with the love of a mother and child. Having given that problem to Baba then you cannot take it back because it doesn’t belong to you any more. If I have given something to Baba and then take it back then I did not give it with integrity. My love for Baba and relationship with Him should be very deep. If you want a friend then make Baba your true friend. If you have true love and relationship from the heart then it is impossible for Baba not to help you. Say ‘Baba’ from your heart and with authority and Baba is bound to become present. If there is something missing in your relationship with Baba and thus the attainments received from Baba then pay attention to making it up.
Baba once said that if you want to be from Dharamraj then tell Baba everything each night. Tell Him what has happened during the day and take forgiveness for any mistakes. Tell him if you have told any lies… whatever you have done and ask for forgiveness. Then you will be able to meet Baba in the form of Dharamraj without having to stop and experience punishment. If you have to experience Dharamraj then it may be only a matter of a second but you will have the experience that it continues for a long time. This is why we need to be clean and honest now. In fact, this is all Baba wants from us.
Become true and honest and you will have a sparkle of happiness on your face and in your life. Keep the titles of self respect and awareness with you. What is the slogan Baba has given us? Stay happy and distribute happiness. Happiness is such that the more you give, the more you receive!
Om Shanti

"May you be holy, may you be yogi "