Friday, July 9, 2010

Dadi Janki talking by phone

Dadi Janki – 8.7.10 – London (by phone)
Baba my Companion and the Detached Observer
Greetings on the day of the Satguru. Today, seeing the sweetest form of the Father, Teacher and Satguru in front of us, the mercury of our happiness rises very high. We should all look at ourselves and check which relationship gives us the most happiness – is it the Father, Teacher or Satguru?
There is great sweetness in the relationship with the Father. The Teacher gives us wonderful teachings. The Satguru gives such wonderful drishti and this is why you have a lot of love and regard for everything that Baba is giving you.
In the murlis of the last 10-15 days Baba has been saying that it is not His role to forgive us or give us blessings in that way. Baba is telling us very clearly about karma philosophy. Whatever we do we have to experience the consequences of that. Baba doesn’t forgive us, because Baba as the Teacher has been teaching and cautioning us about everything and so it’s our duty to become conquerors of sinful action.
We will receive Baba’s forgiveness and blessings, if we have to pay a lot of attention to our thoughts, words actions and relationships. When we perform elevated actions, Baba is with us as our Companion. But when, instead of doing something elevated, we do something wrong, Baba becomes the Detached Observer. Ask yourself: how would the heart feel experiencing those two forms of Baba – your Companion and the Detached Observer?
Without Baba as your Companion, you have to work very hard at your effort – in service and relationships too, you don’t achieve the success you’re wanting.
Have determined thoughts – make yourself a firm promise and please Baba by bringing about real transformation in yourself. Don’t let it be that you have to ask Baba for any kind of forgiveness; instead just transform yourself and you’ll see how pleased Baba will be with you.
Experience Baba’s company in such a way that there’s nothing but Baba at every moment, whatever you are doing – you just stay in Baba’s company and keep Baba with you in your every thought and word.
Now let the past be the past. Have such determined, elevated thoughts that Baba is able to forgive you and you just please Baba in everything you do.
Om shanti