Friday, August 20, 2010

3 Trees

The Three Trees
Many many years ago, there was on top of a mountain three trees who dreamed what would later be large.
The first, looking at the stars said he wanted to be the world's most precious treasure chest full of treasures.
The second, watching the stream sighed when he said he wanted to be a large ship to transport kings and queens.
The third looked at the valley where they were and said he wanted to stay right there on the mountaintop and grow so that people, when they looked to raise her eyes and thought of God.
The years passed and one day three lumberjacks cut the trees.
The three were eager to be transformed into what they dreamed, but the loggers did not hear or did not understand dreams ...
What a pity!
The first tree was eventually transformed into a trough of animals covered with hay.
The second became a simple fishing boat, carrying people and fish every day.
The third was cut in thick beams and placed in a warehouse.
Then all wondered disappointed and sad that this had happened.
On a beautiful night, full of light and stars, a young mother put her newborn baby animals at the trough.
Suddenly the first tree he had discovered the greatest treasure in the world!
The second tree ended up carrying a man who fell asleep in a boat, but when the storm almost sank the boat, the man stood up and said:
"Silence! Freeze! "
And a glance, the second tree view that was carrying the King of Heaven and Earth.
Many years later, a Friday, the third tree was startled when her beams were united to form a cross and a man was nailed to it.
Soon, he felt horrible and cruel.
But the following Sunday, the world trembled with joy.
And the third tree knew that it had been nailed to a man for the salvation of humanity and that people would remember God and his Son to look for her.
The trees had had dreams and desires ...
But his achievement was a thousand times greater than they had imagined.
Give your dreams and your desires to God.
He always gives you much more than you can expect ...