Sunday, August 22, 2010

A long thought

How are things?
As the human being sees things?
For this there is an answer that provides the very heart!
We do not see things as they are!
We see things as we are!
What would this mean?
If humans possess a kind soul and free, got to see the world as it is with its virtues and defects, because the world is not only wonders!
But if human beings Do not have a good soul and above all free ...
Will only be able to see the dark side of man and the world and had forgotten to live!
And there is nothing more cruel and inhumane than the dark side of human beings.
A greedy and ruthless side which does not feel pity of anyone!
Just want to know himself and get rich until they dropped by greed and greed take you to a tragic end in his life.
And it is because of this dark side that the evil of this world still lasts!
Let's see how things are ...
You get the gift of life to be able to enjoy it the most, and someone who does not have enough heart and take this gift, which will never be back, making family, relatives and friends suffer like never suffered in their lives!
And what makes the human being to do that? Anger? Fear? Insecurity?
Maybe all three ...
But nothing justifies the fact that the gift of life be taken away so easily like a little thing.
And it is not.
With life we learn to love, we know the feelings and emotions!
Nobody has the right to take it all one person ...
But it takes! So people in the eye only sees fear and insecurity, stamped on each other's eyes for fear of losing it all!
All this because?
Why live in a world of fools we drop when we are alone, doing in our lives, good times turned into moments horrible!
Given that we have two options:
Throw it all away and forget to live ...
Or love and learn to love more each day!
For those who choose to leave everything behind and become a world of illusions and lies ...
I can only regret and wish you luck ...
For the day when you wake up not too late!
For those who choose to love ...
A smile as it is with the smile of each person who will return the world as it was to be, not a place that you can only see death at every moment, wars going on because of power and money and corrupt politicians who want to becoming richer than they already are and for that, manipulate the head of the population, promising that will change the country when in fact only take you down!
When each decide to love and hold hands maybe improve the world?
Although the existing evil that remains here and has already caused some irreparable damage to many!
But never too late to start again, and is never late for a smile!
For if the world was created, later to be destroyed had no relevancy to create it!
But he's here so I think there is a reason it has been created!
And even before this fight and believe for a better world in which there exists the word peace! And it all ...
If you ever need help to smile or to fight against this world without glory, I am willing to help her in whatever it takes!
Because I want this world to change, to be happy and smile a smile of happiness and not just smile for smile! So together ...
I want you to know that you can count on me whenever you need help to see the truth and if you ever need advice I'll be there for everything!
Because I believe that you and I, we will not be able to change the world, but we can save the life of a flower ...
Maybe in the future no longer exists!
And together we can again see the dawn of the flowers and the morning sun ...
In the paradise of dreams where everybody would want to be!

Author (William)

have a good week friend a big hug (a)