Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Faithful Intellect

Basically a faithful intellect comes from cleanliness and purity, in action as well as attitude. When we start performing impure actions or actions which makes my conscious bite, then my attitude becomes clouded and my outlook towards the world and even myself will become discriminatory and coloured. It’s a perpetual cycle I get myself caught in and my clear diamond like sight becomes distorted and evil. Too overcome this downward spiral, first of all I need too recognize I am caught in this illusion, no matter how good it may feel (like being overcome with alcohol or drugs) then remove myself from that situation or company, then take advice or knowledge of the truths of the addiction or vice which is clouding my outlook or actions, so I can see it from a detached yet accurate perspective. Then the final step too really remove myself from this disease or body consciousness is too take power from God through meditation or prayer etc. Like when you go too Alcoholics Anonymous the final step is too put yourself in Gods hands. If you are atheist or Agnostic then at least see a counselor or psychologist too deal with the issue too empower you. A diamond like intellect is of the greatest value too humanity and nature. Such examples would be Jesus Christ, Ghandi, Plato, and even Einstein, but the rest of us may have dull intellects, not too worry, our time will come too shine. We can at least be a hero in our own cornflake box