Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Zombies .

Here they come moaning, groaning, with souless eyes looking for brains too drain
They smell of rotten flesh, an acrid sulphurous stench, always gurgling in pain
There clothes are shredded there skin oozing and pulsating puss and blood
I am trying too escape them in my ute running some over with a thud
There intellects are dead, some are midgets, they cannot grow`
If you saw them you would scream in terror or have heart failure
They are mindless minions spawned from hell where they are going I do not know
Ho ho ho there intellects are so dull

I don’t want too be caught up in that scene I say with a scream
My intellect is becoming like a diamond worthy of multi-millions
My soul is en-lightened and awakened , I am becoming free
I connect too God every morning in meditation changing from a Zombie too a bee
A busy bee collecting nectar from Gods garden and taking it back too the hive
Wow I am so feeling alive, so feeling alive
Maybe I can raise souls from the dead like Lazarus did
And make them smell fragrant and clean
You know what I mean, you know what I mean

So all you Zombies out there be aware be very aware
Your time is now limited, no more devilish acts
No more brain- drains or pain, oh the pain
The gates to Heaven are opening soon, very soon
And everything will be recycled for compost for the new world
Yahoo yahoo Death too the Zombies and too brain-suckers