Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meditation blocks

True meditation is when I consider myself a soul and connect or remember my true father. Thus reawakening my original self, and that vibration spreading out too the whole world. They say that rememberance is the unchantable chant. For centuries Hindu holy men known as Rishis and Munis have been saying when asked about the question of the soul and God, ‘Neti Neti’. Neither this nor that. In other words there experience of these matters is not there, it is not in there realm or sphere of influence. The old masters would meditate on whats called the Brahm Element, which is like Nirvana or soul world, it is a world of golden red light, of peace and silence where God exists and where us souls originally came from. They were very disciplined souls who after a lifetime of meditation could leave there bodies in a shroud of silence which was palatable too passer byes. Though still they couldn,t accurately talk of the soul or God. It practically would take God himself too reveal himself and the soul. Perhaps that will happen one day, and in my lifetime. But I can say from my experience of meditating thus far, meditating on God does bring clarity and awareness too me and enables me too begin too see souls as God would see them or an Angel would see human souls