Friday, September 3, 2010

meditation analogies

Meditation –Jargon

Sometimes meditation is compared too , for sake of analogies and getting your head around, the attraction of a needle too a magnet. Where the needle represents the soul and the magnet represents God or the aim and object of your meditation. The difference is that God or the Supreme Soul does actually exist and the law of attraction states the more you focus or meditate on God he or she must reciprocate that feeling, and believe you me , when your in the zone, the return of feeling or love is like a lighthouse guiding a distressed ship out of the rocks and impending doom. So practically you could say the experience or return of love is like 1000 to 1. Every step I take God gives a thousand in return. Pretty good odds wouldn’t you agree. So a soul that hasn’t been meditating or even following a righteous life style, would be compared too a rusty needle which wouldn’t have any attraction too a magnet or hardly any. But if you wash the needle in Parrafin or polish it up or even put it under one of those small pyramids, the attraction will occur. So meditation is like spiritually doing those processes. But then again if you do polish up the needle and then begin too perform negative or impure actions it will once again rust up, so stay cautious, because the days of reckoning are fast approaching.