Saturday, September 4, 2010

Now or never

Wonderful Thoughts and Actions

When we begin too experience change and motivation in our lives, due too the positive effects of meditation, we can come too, from time too time, some groundbreaking crossroads or even obstacles, so you need too at that point feel the pain and do it anyway. Don’t forget the Creator of Heaven, the land of happiness, is on your side and is backing you all the way. Sometimes as introvert meditators we can become lost in the maze of our own thoughts, and become like a touch me not flower, a wallflower. Don’t forget when you are on the battlefield of conquering illusion, especially ego, the enemy out of desperation will throw all her might at you, and send you into a spin. This is a sign you are near your victory, surrender is not an option. This is something wonderful and heroic, too fight the good fight. Don’t become childlike or childish saying goo goo gag a,( like lady Ga Ga) when opposition calls, now you have knowledge and dharna and power too boot, brought too you by the ruler and all knower of the Universe, God himself. You have become master knowledge so defeat is impossible. So transform reasons into solutions through divine inspiration not physical perspiration