Sunday, August 29, 2010


There is a saying in India that knowledge is wealth. Like you give someone a fish you feed them for a day but if you teach them too fish, then you feed them for a lifetime. The same with spirituality and meditation, you need a combination of knowledge and experience too give some momentum too your direction. In other words what you have learn,t in any field or faith really has too be digested correctly and applied too your life and personality. If you live your life in some belief system and just ritually move a long without really challenging yourself and your perspectives then thats all you,ve achieved. But if you can motivate yourself and others through your achievements then they too learn how too fish and grow spiritually.For example imagine if a prostitute came too you seeking solace,and even forgiveness and enlightenment, would you have the peace and power and wisdom too grant that too them, Jesus did with Mary Magdeline. So if you are a religious minded soul or a spiritualist you too should be able too achieve this. Put yourself too the practical test, don't just rest on your laurels