Saturday, August 28, 2010


Practical Spirituality

Too be truly Spiritual you need a Practical Stage of spirituality,one that can stand up under any circumstance or obstacles, and under the scrutiny of any person on this planet.So it can’t be dependant on external rituals,beliefs, environment and yet a conducive environment will be created too support your objectives and attitudes. This is the law of karma working in your favour. This is called being bodiless, that is not being affected by your body or subservient too the 5 senses. The 3 powers of the soul are mind, intellect and subconscious mind, these can also be the 3 enemies of the soul and rob us of our power and self respect, like a crazy person.But if they are operating correctly, smoothly like a well oiled machine, they will produce results, and quickly, like a production line. Though the fuel the soul needs is Pure energy (or thought), pure actions (for world benefit) and the main one, a pure attitude(honest clean heart) too correctly operate. Then you will see miracles of transformations in yourself and in the world. This would be called being like an Angel, always living in the present, and looking towards the future, with no attachment and eventually no thought of the old past.