Monday, September 13, 2010

Easy Raja Yoga

Practice what you preach

People begin too learn the art of meditation, they may even diligently practice it every day, but a real practitioner doesn’t just do it in a room or in class, but will practice it every second of the day, even whilst showering, working, or going too sleep. The power of Yoga is world renowned and life changing. ( Because once you start you can’t actually stop, you need too be that committed, otherwise the accumulated peace and power most well be thrown in a refuse bin. We begin on the path of self realization, then obstacles come, as they will, and then we start reasoning the path of meditation and stop. Meditation is too do with love and purity and power not intellectualization, that is a different path. i.e. the science of self realization. Here you need too feel everything in your heart, and then fly like a bird above the obstacles, it’s a big commitment. This is why it is sometimes called Raja Yoga, where you become the conqueror of your sense organs. You must follow the laws of the land but be soul conscious as you move forward playing your part.