Sunday, September 12, 2010



What tends too happen in spirituality which includes meditation,prayer, religion etc, is the pursuer through there intense disciplines, and positive thinking will come too a point of enlightenment, which is the fruit of spirituality. Or at least wisdom too tell the difference between right and wrong, and too develop a sense of empathy for all souls including our own weak natures. So what can happen is spiritual arrogance can develop in a spiritual aspirant, where they have accrues a lot of wealth of knowledge and virtues and are , due too there karmas held in high esteem by the community, Then royal ego can begin too flourish. The soul will think thoughts like ‘I am virtueous, I am humble, I am a good meditator or yogi, I have brought or served this many souls and showed them the light etc. This is the final Golden Dear of illusion. It is plainly called ‘I’ and ‘mine” and should be transformed too ‘I’ am a soul and ‘My’ God is making me move. So become a world transformer by paying full attention too your mind and thoughts, then you will also be able too serve through your mind, not just actions and words.