Saturday, September 11, 2010

Power too fight

This may seem a contradiction in terms, but this word 'fight' is used in terms of spirituality as well as the real world, but the outcomes are decisively different.If you fiight in terms of your self respect and rights too kingship over your sense organs, then this is the most honourable fight. Where as that fight is usually over disputes of boundaries, name and fame or ego. The first will result in Peace the latter in tension and sorrow, though a limited Peace may be reached it is not eternal. The trick is in meditation, once you have achieved this Peace of mind and heart, I might add, the trick is managing it and utilising those powers you have accumulated too navigate your way through life with ease and happiness without blowing your income. Its like setting up a good superannuation account with good and balanced returns too last you till your death. So sometimes when the tough decisions have too be made in your thoughts and attitudes, you may need too transform some things, and destroy others, without confusing the two. This is the fight in meditation. You need too connect too the source(God) at least 3 times a day, come rain,Hail or shine. This is the gauntlet I lay down for you, and stop fighting people and things as the enemy. The enemy is within always Om Shanti