Friday, September 10, 2010

Religious Fervour

Each religion and the souls within that religion, come together, or are attracted too that faith, because of the genuine speciality of that religion.Each religions virtue, the one that makes it tick, is different from the other, this is why they may try too get along or harmonize, they try so hard, but can never really pull it off, because there inherint speciality is different ,like apples and oranges, both are fruit but different, both grow on trees. This is the beauty of the tree of religions. Though the fundamental similarity is the seed is the same, God. But even then they give different names too him.Some like the Buddhist will say there is no such super being, above all souls, but if there is you must weigh him up for yourself.The trouble starts because God has no costume or body like us human souls, so he is a bit illusive in that way, and we have reincarnated on this earth so many times numberwise, that we are unsure, confused, impure or emotionally damaged too decisively say and commit too this super-human soul called God. But eventually we will all return home anyway and all sit(human race) as souls, points of light in Soul world, then we will practically be equal, but wont know it(no brains too think). So a beautiful dillema