Thursday, September 9, 2010



Many religions talk about or write in there scriptures how God inspired them, a voice boomed down from the ether, or an angel of the lord sent me a message, how does this practically happen. Too send a letter overseas you need the correct postage, the correct address, a courier service, and the recipient needs too be able too read and secondly too understand your language. So God is the all powerful ,all knowing soul , in hindi the say he is Karankaravanha, the one who inspires and the one who gets things done through others. So how does he actually talk , communicate, pass on his message. It seems too be such a big mystery, and souls just have faith that it works. Good on them. But I know how it actually works believe it or not, its not smoke and mirrors or even divine inspiration. God himself has too descend from up above and speak through a mouthpiece, he adopts a body, so he can set the record straight himself. He uses the soul of Adam who by the way is still around today after many reincarnations, that is his current body and speaks. His current name is Brahma Baba, but he too has left his body, now acting as an Angel so God and the Angel Brahma(Gabriel) now act and speak through a third person, a medium Dadi Gulzar. This may not make much sense too some and may bring anger and resentment in others but the truth is the truth. This is how God communicates too his children. The Foundation souls of religions will also begin too inspire directly soon as well, people will have visions of Christ,or Mohammad or Buddha or Abraham, but that will only be inspiration.