Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The Puppet Master
Spirituality is sometimes compared too a puppet show. The line once used was that God is the Puppeteer and is making me dance (that is a soul who is completely surrendered too God) Other renowned puppets I can think of are Pinnochio and Punch and Judy. Pinnochio was carved out of wood by a craftsman, but he always had the desire for a real boy, he created the puppet, attached strings etc and during the night a fairy came and bestowed magical powers onto the lifeless puppet and brought him too life. The fairy represents a servant of God I think. Anyhow the story goes that Pinnochio was a good kid except he kept lying and thus his nose grew larger and larger, as he was half puppet and half human, so he had too change his ways. Eventually he changed his actions and he became human. So whats the moral of the story, maybe if you proclaim too be an instrument of God your actions have too reflect your attitudes and visa versa. Otherwise it will be as plain as the nose on your face that your not the real deal, and people will be able too see that. The other puppets punch and judy I remember from TV. They just seem too be argueing all the time, but the kids really loved them argueing. I think it gave the audience a feeling of detachment, because you can see the fights as you would in domestic disputes and connect with those feelings, but its just a show a game, and remain detached. If I consider myself a soul, a guest in this body I will experience the same thing practically that this body is just a puppet of clay which I the soul have adopted and my life is a drama, and just enjoy the show EEBBA EEBA EEBA THAT’S ALL FOLKS