Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"Happiness is the breath of life" I heard this statement today and thought we might contemplate it deeper. When I was a kid my happiness would come from going too the Ekka, the local fair, or going Ten Pin bowling with $20.00 too bowl and play video games and pigout on lollies and chips.Then later on it was going too Discos and night clubs and dancing, I loved dancing. So what is the actual mechanism that creates all those peptides in the brain too produce happiness and a sense of wellbeing. Was it the sugar in the food?, the enviroment, the freedom ?, the movie? No, actually not.It is the soul the creates and experiences happiness, when all the boxes are ticked and I am floating on a wave of intoxication. What, no not alcohol or drugs, that is limited, and is followed by a downer. No when I am using the powers of the soul and are operating from my internal realization and self respect and are actually contributing too the world through my vibration or talents, but also when I realize myself very deeply and accurately and see my true wealth then happiness begins too overflow from my mind. It can happen at sport, at work, at church, reading a book, but most notably in deep meditation I have experienced the well of happiness overflow. In fact I have been told by a visionary that the elixir of life is an actual fountain that sits in the centre of the brain, and I the being of light sit next too this fountain in the cave of the Sacral lobe, and this fountain feeds all the 4 corners of the body with information, thoughts and vibrations. If I the soul are happy, peaceful, blissful then those vibrations enter the fountain supercharging the systems of the body, and the bio feedback is of more enthusiasm etc, but also if I the soul are depressed, lustful,angry etc dark vibrations enter the fountain and negatively stimulate my body, its all up too you:)