Monday, September 6, 2010


Guides too Heaven

I am sure when you have been traveling overseas somewhere too see interesting places you,ve adopted a guide from the local area or have been harassed by some too tell you whats what. There are also guides in organizations such as Girl Guides etc or earn points and badges learning different skills and levels of qualifications. In spirituality with very deep meditation practices you can become a guide for searching souls, just through your vibration of peace. The Desert Fathers were or a are a group of Christian Ascetics who focused on meditation and introversion as there main principle in Christian exploration. They moved out into the deserts of Jerusalem and tried too practice a life of deep contemplation away from society, but low and behold desperate searchers for truth tracked them down and lived with them wanting drops of experience and knowledge. The same here when you and I are meditating on God too whatever capacity spiritually starved souls will seek us out and take note of our demeanor and actions and try too follow suite, like it or not.
This is the greatest donation which keeps on giving, eternally. The souls begin too sense or experience that they are also a soul, and who God is and where our Home is, without saying a word, this is truly world service. This would also be known as true love, not the love that we see in the world today.