Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Secret

The law of attraction

You all have probably read the book or seen the DVD on the secret attraction, it works on the basic principle that your belief system, and your degree of self respect, attracts things of that level of vibration into your life. They seem too focus more on making money and accrueing wealth with this idea, sure health, wealth and happiness are all part of the package of benefits, but in all honesty they are just scraping the surface of the depth of transformation and happiness that can be achieved. We’re not talking superficial dreams here of a house, a boat and 2 1/2 kids, but if you fully realize your potential for change on a vibrational level you can literally change the very nature itself. The 5 elements of matter, and the human soul are very much on a symbiosis style relationship. Just look at the scientific world, under a microscope, how the atom is created, how if split it exudes huge amounts of energy, how negative or positive charged ions connect with others too form elements, how these also form the building blocks of life itself. So basically if I connect and vibrate on my original level, you can call it soul or soul awakening that vibration will also effect matter, and stimulate it too act in its purest form and manner. This is practically how Heaven is created. See